Friday, December 23, 2011


I am a man whom is not too prone to any types of diseases. a lot of people got sick from different kind of diseases this past few weeks basically because of the climate changes. Still, I am not one among them. and suddenly, after lunch yesterday i don't feel good.My body start aching and in the night i just lie down in my bed helpless..

For the past 2 days, I’ve completely lost appetite and I don’t feel good now either. I'm suffering from fever,i guess. Those days were very bad with headache followed by vomiting, back pain and etc. I went to the clinic, had my medication and MC for yesterday and today. I'm suppose to be in Jana Manjung Power plant for a meeting, but i can't force myself to be there with this fever linger around me..My gratitude to You-Know-Who-You-Are for healthy and delicious Herb Porridge,and do accompany me for dinner last night..Appreciate it so much.

To all of my dear friends that Care, your empathy and generosity are very much appreciated. Just so as you know that those sour tablets still doesn’t make me feel any better at all...(ewwwww...) I am suppose to take a good care for my body from this time. So to all my dear friends, be careful, stay safe and healthy. Stay away from unhealthy food.

And today i'm going back to my hometown.Wish me a safe Journey..Miss my family,especially in a time like this.

*I do feel much better now..and it's all because of YOU.




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