Thursday, August 2, 2007

Section Dinner-First Time ever

For the first time since i've started work here,they organize a dinner within our section..really a gold opportunity for me to get to know more about them..actually i've found a difficulty for me to handle them for the first time i'm working here,but with my boss guidance i try to adapt myself with this new thing for sure this is really a real world for me,and nobody can help me to get through this situation except me,myself and i...this night aku rasa happy becoz everybody talk about the major thing that happens in this world rite now,instead of talking about are some pictures at the dinner.

*Chinese Guy yang duk sebelah aku tu boss aku,nama dia Lee You Hong.

boleh tahan jugak ar kitorang makan malam tu...walaupun banyak yang diorder tapi semuanya habis licin berkat daripada staff2 yang turut serta menjayakan dinner tersebut,hehehe...dinner end up at 11 pm.

'sesuatu yang tak di sangka seringkali terjadi dalam hidup kita'.

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