Monday, February 2, 2009

Premier League:Liverpool 2 VS Chelsea 0

Suppose last night game could be the Great opportunity for Chelsea to recover the defeated by Liverpool on 26 October 2008,and i though it would be the payback time for them...hmmm i guess i was so wrong..what happened?Only Scolari had the answer..not me.I'm just a little tiny Supporter Of The Blues and they let me down again and again.what a disappointment,yet i just cannot figure it out.

Really Have no idea what i'm trying to delivered?Let all of the Pictures below do the talking.

Poor Defend by The Blues

There are so many opportunities to scored for The Red on this first half

a great Saver by Alex on 32',or else Liverpool will lead the match.

What the ***K..Frankie got Red Card,and out of the chart...sigh..

Chelsea No,Liverpool no on the first half.

The game continued on the Second Half..and like what happened in the First helaf,The Red still dominated the ball position.

This is so Liverpool-managed to get a goal at the end of time..what a sloopy Ashley Cole-trying to stop the ball yet Benayoun came over and cross the ball into Torres-Header-What a lovely finishing by him!

i still waiting for a miracle since there were 5 minutes time added..

yeah,miracle happen but not for The's Liverpool again!!

He'e Truly the Hero for this Game.

and JT still arguing with the referee about the Red Card Given to Frankie Lampard..But it's over now JT,The Blue Flag going Down already..accept the fate.

Man Of THE match-Fernando Torres-well deserved victory by Liverpool.Congratulations.

They had a real Chance to beat The Red but that's Football,unpredicted always came along the Journey..

Another Nightmare arised..but never mind,Life Goes on..Big Phil should do something big..Do they never learn?

Lucky that this Donut's helped me a lot to face the Hard Day..haha..Chocolate will make you happy,that's what they said..

is that true enough?

*Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true..


.::EliyaShaka::. said...

last minute tu dpt 2 gol! shaka pun tension jer..he's chelsea fan too..

john terry nmpk betul2 tak puas hati ngan red card tu kan. i pun rasa mcm tak perlu la nak kasik red card kat lepat pisang ponn...apalah referee ni

lepat pisang = lampard! hehe

axim said...


owhh ye ker Shaka Chelsea Fan Too..ada geng la aku lepas ni,haha

Liverpool slalu cenggitu,memang last last minit akan dapat gol..but based on the game last night,memang They well deserved to win..

aku pun tak tau apa dah jadi pada The Blues..kes Lampard kena kad merah tu aku tak puas hati betul!!hampeh punya Alonso!

whatever it is,terima kekalahan dengan hati terbuka..

sekian terima kasih.

alhaqimi said...

huhu...kalah ag ka.. kesian =]

axim said...


kalah menang adat pertandingan..


ixora said...

ermm...adat game bah..menang kalah..biasa lah tu...=)

btw, bantai gelak lectrer yg fan giler ngn da blu tuh..huhu...

Suka Bebel said...

i decided not to watch the game sebab cuak gile dan dihantui dengan kekalahan federer. penat tengok match federer-nadal sampai dekat 5 jam.tak sanggup nak tunggu dan kecewa lagi, aku terus tido sebab nak kerja ari ni.mujur pagi pagi aku check liverpool menang bergaya.hehe...

macam tu la liverpool, lawan team kuat boleh je tapi bila lawan team corot hampeh.tak tau la mampu kejar Man U tu.just wait and see

*SiRibenMerah said...

wahhhh.. ombak biru lagi disini =P~

axim said...


wahhh sudah pandai bicara sabah yaa kamu..hehe

tak baik gelakkan orang...


axim said...

Suka Bebel,

hahaha yang tennis tu aku tak sempat tengok..lagi teruja nak tengok game nih..tapi tu lah,Liverpool memang slalu macam tuh..dah nasib diorang slalu baik kan..

just wait and see.

axim said...

Riben Merah,

Ombak biru??apa kah..


A.R.A.S.H. 910 said...

you'll never walk alone!! :)

big apple..yummy! :)

Lily.Lulu said...

asal comot donut cokelat hujung sekali tuh ??

apa axim dah buat sampai jadi mcm tuh ?? sian donut tuh ..


Ziana said...

ganaih eh bawak donut..
sampai kemek2

jahat kan LiverPOOL tuh
dpt jalan 1st half ajo..
tetibe dh ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Lily.Lulu said...

comot sesgt laaa....mak suke nok...

Lily.Lulu said...

comot sesgt laaa....mak suke nok...

axim said...

ARASH 910,

U'll never walk alone??haha..say no to Liverfool..


axim said...


masa duk carry Donut tuh tetiba terjatuh..tu yang jadik comot sesangat tuh..haha

sedap la donut tu walaupun comot pun..


axim said...


donut tu terjatuh kotaknyer tu yang comot bagai tuh..

tak pueh hati tul..last minute diorang skor..Torres punya pasal la ni..


Faisal Admar said...

choc bg ilang stress... tu mmg benar. kajian tuh :D

er... boring la... kejadian tahun lepas berulang lagik... man utd juara... haiz... sampai bila ni?

boring la mcm ni :D

malam tu lupa plak nak provoke hg dgn acai kekeke... selalu igt isk!

kuchairies said...

taknak komen pasal bola.. nak komen pasal donat ajer... Saya suka Big Apple.. Tetiba jer.. hehehe...

Beruang Madu said...

no komen!!!


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