Tuesday, May 5, 2009

X-Men Origin : Wolverine


There are no surprises with this movie for anyone who is a fan of the Marvel comics and even if not, it is relatively predictable. But if you are looking for a solid action flick with good special effects, it's worth the cost for a weekend viewing. This action packed movie was an excellent addition to the X-men movie family. There a few graphics issues that could have been improved, but in all it was a great film that everyone needs to go see.

For those who weren't very big fans of the comic book series (such as myself), this film answers a lot of questions about this mysterious character and fills many gaps and answers many questions that may have arisen regarding how Wolverine reached the state he was in at the beginning of the X-Men movie the came out nine years ago. Although there were some discrepancies between this and the past X-Men movies, I feel that this Origins movie still ties in nicely with the series in general. The introduction of Gambit was also a nice addition even though he does not get a lot of screen time.

The movie was awesome.Hugh Jackman did a very good job portraying wolverine, and liev shrieber(aka sabertooth,but never mentioned as sabertooth in this film) was equally as brilliant.This film is darker and has great special effects and great story line.I rate this film better then any other X-Men Movies Before because the acting in this film is much better.(4.5/5)



*another movie that you probably want to watch-Paul Blart The Mall Cops..i swear it will make you Laugh till you CRY!!..(i did watched it two weeks ago..)the story line was typical,but the strength of this film only on it's comedy side..Go watch this one too,and you'll going home with a big smile on your face..:)


eZa said...

aah la. the mall police tuh. sure hilarious eh. jom cik zietikuih? ;)

a.b geldofg said...

wah kena gi tgk juga ni

Ziana said...

bile? :)

kene tgk nih..
nk gelak2..

thanks ajim!!

Inah said...

dah tgk cite pulis tu dlm kapal terbang..best2 :)

azizi said...

sabretooth wujud lepas dia join team magneto. heh..heh..heh
i am waiting for The Angels and Demons.

Zumie said...

cite ni superb=)


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