Sunday, January 13, 2008

SIM Replacement

Since my sim card cannot be read by my phone yesterday(I gues this sim already damaged) so i've got to get the sim replacement as soon as possible..lucky that maxis center still open in this saturday..thinking of getting new number but i dont think that's the good i decide to stick with this least i dont need to give everybody on my phone list an sms that telling them i've got a new number bla bla bla...i thought we just being charged on the lost or stolen sim card and no amount charged if the sim card itself damage or broke.but for this time i've to pay 10 bucks for the sim replacement.hmmmm whatever.

This sim juz can be useable after half an hour so i need to take the bruch first.Dont know yet what to do after this..go back home and just get rest..thats better,i think.

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