Thursday, January 10, 2008

O & M Forum Closing

For wrap up session the lead of rapporteur,Dr.Zainul Asri from HQ give a conclussion report about what had been discussed within this two days.Generally there's a lot of space to improve in order to achieve and cultivate the culture of excellence.Personally i think this event really gIve me a great opportunity to get to know each senior staff.The good thing is they really friendly,and juz share all of their experiences.For a youngster like me there is so much thing to catch up and to learn..insya Allah,i will always try my best.
*From GAM(Generation Asset Management),at the left side,mr.shahrir(boiler expert) and at the right side Tuan Haji Ibne Walid(Chief Chemist)

The session closed with the speech from Tuan haji Halim Noh,General Manager POP(Performance Operation Planner).And suprisingly they prepared the gift for all the entertainers last nite(at BBQ dinner).Thanks to the organizer.

*Tuan Haji Halim Noah delivered the gift.

Hope to see all of the delegates again for the next year.

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