Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's MOVIES time!!

Movie Tittle: DragonBall Evolution
Date:18 Mac 2009
Venue:GSC Queensbay Mall Penang
Time: 9.30 pm
Seat Number : E17

Hmmmm it's quite confusing how i'm going to write a bit review of this film since almost every single thing in this film totally different from the actual Comic by Akira is too simple and plain,still maintained the real name of the character but everything's changing-and of course it's far far away from my real expectation..only 2.5/5 star from me..they really need to do some characters development.

Movie Tittle: Confessions of a Shopaholic
Date: 29 Mac 2009
Venue: GSC Sunway Carnival Mall
Time: 5.30 PM
Seat Number :F08

A good Movie-adaptation from Novel by Sophie Kinsella,which is i've already bought and read it once..a bit different from the Novel but still achieve the same purposes like the actual novel..all of the shopaholic out there probably should watch this movie and you can learn something from it..thinking of cutting my Credit card after watching this movie..haha..4/5 star from me.Good Job!!

Movie Tittle: Talentime

Date: 1 April 2009
Venue: GSC Sunway Carnival Mall
Time: 9.20 pm
Seat Number: F08

"Words say too much. Love comes in silence."i love that phrase so much..sometimes we dont realize that we just talked so much and pointless-rather than we sit in silence and think..this movie is so inspired-they were laugh and tears-really full with emotion..another terrific movie from Yasmin Ahmad..The soundtrack was so cool,not to mention the Cinematoghraphic was so superb!!i love it so much..another 4/5 star from me!!Excellent..Highly recommended for those who love to think deeper and deeper..Happy watching!!

*one important fact regarding this matter-i did watched all of the three movies alone..all by myself..haha..This loneliness is Brilliant!!


a.b geldofg said...

bnyak ni kena tgk

@xiM said...

sila sila..talentime tu yang best..:)

@xiM said...

sila sila..talentime tu yang best..:)

Ziana said...

Loneliness is Brilliant!!

esok gorgon2 sume teman u nengok muvi ek.. no more alone..
cant wait!!


1st movie - x ske.. sbb x tau ujung pangkal..

2nd movie - suke suke suke!! suke sesgt!!! dh tgk for 2nd time (alone tooo for 2nd!!!) :)

3rd movie - luv tis movie... till i didnt realize im on tears.. loike d' song I GO from Pete Teo...
such a beautiful song!!!!!

But I can't hear it here no more ..
And I go..

u tc!!

soya said...

patut la mcm tak nak jer tgk goku..
mmg tak best yer..(tiada kerugian)

"this loneliness is brilliant!!"
hahaha.. nak jugak letak ayat tu...

CAHAYA said...

semalam marathon 2 muvie, talentime n confession of a shopaholic.

Setuju sangat2 ngan rating AXIM. I thought so too. :P

Ad Rifza said...

Semua takleh tgok sbb sini wayang takde..hehehe...Kalo gi KL jer baru leh tgok..hmmm...tggu DVD jer laa..

MOLY said...

both movies talentime dengan shopaholic dah tgk .. cuma dragonball je tak lagi. tu download aje la kot .. hehehe ~

besh kan pa dapat layan citer talentime. pulak tu dah dapat lagu yang besh. layannnnnnnnnnnnnn ~

shopaholic pun besh !! suka suka suka !!!



dah lama tak tgk wayang....
"si dia" asyik bz keje......


♥Yanie Putrajaya♥


Faisal Admar said...

haven't watched talentime. next week maybe.

i've watched dragon ball and confession of shopaholic.

agree with you confession of a shopaholic is much better than dragon ball.

NN said...

aku baru tengok talentime..
best best best..!!

@xiM said...

AB Geldofg,

sila sila jangan malu malu..

@xiM said...

JU3 Abdullah,

memang tak kerugian..:)

@xiM said...


memang best kan kedua dua movie tuh..

@xiM said...


sabarlah menanti..hehe

@xiM said...


suka suka suka yer...

pa pun suka..


@xiM said...


ajak la si Dia tuh berhibur sama..jangan asyik nak kerja jer..:)

@xiM said...

Faisal Admar,


@xiM said...


haaa kan kami dah cakap citer tuh best..:)


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