Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taiping Lake Garden-Part 2

It's already APRIL..

As i'm about to started this new month,there's a new resolution came out in my mind-and i wish i could be the better person..i dont ask for more,i just need to live my life peacefully and just want to go with the doesn't has to be this hard,and sometimes you must accept all the changes whether you like it or not.i hate changes,but still,i have to swallow the fact that there's nothing i can do about that.

Crap.stop with all the crap.

Here is another part of Taiping Lake Garden,as continuity from my previous entry about this recreation enjoy some piccas below yaa!!:)-(click to enlarge the pictures)

since 1880..woww..that's like a zillion years ago..
water droplet on the leaf..

unbloom Lotus in the Lake..

you complete me my dear friends..

i like the combination of black and's so wild.

without you i have no reason to live..

can i shoot the star??

towards the healthy lifestyle
people comes people go..

But DA ONE in our HEART will always REMAIN..

Honey,will you take me home?

Jasmine,my lil gal..

Wood forest in Black and White mode

searching for my spouse here..ann,where are you darling?

it was so cool..
i'd rather walk than jog

mirror me
Can someone push my motorbike?
welcome to Taman Tasek Taiping
where's daddy?i believe i just saw him here..
be my eyes..
what the hell am i looking for?
this is da picture of da above shoot
mind to join me?

i know i love you the first time i saw you..

Looking forward to treasure this activities more often..seems like time always fly so fast..and here i am,trying to look back what's left of me when everythings is clear and transparent.somehow i just dont know how i felt,and suddenly i just realize why people can be so heartless..haha..i'm not trying to be so grumpy-it's just something to wonder and ponder..

Until my finger meet the Keyboards again.Thank you.

No you don’t know what it’s like
When nothing feels alright
You don’t know what it’s like to be like me

*it wasn't wasn't just a's an april fool..phewwww...:)


Mazlan A S Leanny said...

Sue Ann....Ann tu ko lelaki....bukan lesbo kot....mcm nama abg ipar Anis...aku dah confius ni nama dah macam-macam kan

Pandai eak ko bercerita yang bergambar ini..good one

axxa said...

im in lurve with the pic of the row of treeesssss.......

Great Job !!!

Hats off to ya axim!!!

soya said...

pic no.12 piling best..

bg post first tasik taiping..
plg best gmbr kat pokok buluh time ujan.. mmg superb gler r..

gler pun tak superb:)

dr itu! said...


bozzobattousai said...

lovely pictures, nice view...back in the days there were lots of monkeys in that area...i don't know where they went? kl maybe....

Luth Textile said...

aku nak jalan - jalan gak!!

Lady Dyla said...


u gna camera apa erk..

Ziana said...

ajim dh terrer menembak..
jd cikgu leh?

*it wasn't wasn't just a's an april fool..phewwww
owh!! Thank GOD..

MOLY said...

life must go on no matter what happened

terus maju dan pandang ke hadapan

Faisal Admar said...

daun yg itam putih tu lawa gila!!!
brp ek ko beli dslr tu?

Izan said...

cantik.. cantik..

Life's Like That said...

coupla thgs;

1. i jst love all the pics.

2. dammit - nak balik kg la mcm ni in Taiping yeah). missing my jog ptg2 kat tmn tasik, rindu makan aiskrim smbel lepak2 ushar org tp tasek.. heh.

anne said...

suka gambar lotus tu....TERATAI...ada lagu kan...;-)

11 said...

wah bestnya...buat koleksi pribadi la ni yerp

Arash Libra said...

nice piccas dude..congrates! =)

susudalambotol said...

ini tempat berlakon cerita sepi kan.

arsaili said...

salam..cantiknya gambo

Anonymous said...

u have such a great touch there!

Wahidah said...

makin pandai skrang ni amik gmbr yea..tahniahh

RAWNA said...

suke gmbr yg ke..
jap2 nak kira

ke 12!

Unknown said...

wah!, love the pics meh :D

@xiM said...


tu lah...maybe lah kot..skang nama macam macam kan..haha..

@xiM said...


Glad that you like it!!


@xiM said...

ju3 Abdullah,

me too!! i like that pic too..row of the trees..nice!!

@xiM said...



@xiM said...

Bozzo Battousai,

monyet banyak lagi kat sini..tapi amik gambar kat tempat monyet tak banyak..haha

@xiM said...

Luth Textile,

nak jalan jalan gak??jom!!!

@xiM said...

Shweet Byatch,

Guna Nikon D60


@xiM said...


mana ada terer..still dalam learning process lor..rembat D90 satu then jom kita outing sama sama..

@xiM said...


it's better we look forward and be prepared than look back and regret..

life goes on..


@xiM said...

Faisal Admar,

yang gambar ko suke tuh Nikli yang untuk


@xiM said...


Macey macey macey..:)

@xiM said...


pi la balik kampung weekend ni bro..haha..lupa lak ni kampung halaman dia..

@xiM said...


ada lagu..lagu Teratai Layu di Tasik Madu-Fauziah Latiff..haha

@xiM said...


haah,buat koleksi peribadi sahaja..


@xiM said...


kalau guna D90 ni mesti lagi gempak..

@xiM said...


haah,ni tempat berlakon cerita sepi scene Tony Eusoof ngan Eja tuh..

@xiM said...



@xiM said...


there's a lot room for improvement gambar yang very amateur..

@xiM said...


that's what they said-practice make perfect..


@xiM said...


aku pun suka gambar tuh!!

@xiM said...


glad that you love it!!


CATZ said...

gorjes gambar2 ko..
aku tgk banyak kali..
serious ko mmg teror bro...
jeles aku...cantekk!!!

@xiM said...


ni amateur je lah catz..banyak mender lagi nak belajaq..:)

ayang ati said...

only God knows how much i miss tok wan.Really2 miss him so much. teringat kecik2 dulu, taman tasik taiping la tempat wajib yang akan tok wan bawak bila balik taiping. alangkah bestnya kalau tok wan masih ada.....

NN said...

aik, hang tukaq ke caption yang sue n ann tuh..?? hahahhaaaaa..
aku pon plan nak update second part, tapi cam malas plak rasa..

p/s: koktie sehat..?? bozzo sehat..??


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