Monday, April 13, 2009

My BLUES WeekenD

The Weekend is over..But how do i spend my weekend??mmmmm nothing special,just an ordinary weekend ,a bit blues in the middle of it..but i got a lot of chance..a chance for me to think about a lot of so many things..all by myself.

my initial plan:cook and eat at home..The plan changed since i dont have enough gut to do that..i'm freaking lazy!!duuuhhh!!..what to do?going out and try to find a good place to dine in.i'm hungry..(like i always be..hehe)

found another great spot at Seberang Jaya-Kocha Hot Pot's a nice place!!

i've did ordered Belacan fried Rice..this is their new menu in the list..FYI,this restaurant specialty is Steamboat..quite nice!!(i've tried once a long tome ago..)

They also got this Lekor Snacks..(keropok lekor ganu kiter..)..taste??still cannot beat keropol lekor from Terengganu:)..(obviously!!)

i'm excited to try this new menu..look hot and delicious..BUT.....

cannot finish it..reason??-kacang tak rangup,nasi tawaq takder rasa,ayam gorengnya hangit..(tapi sebab lapaq belasah aje lah..tinggal sikit jer nasi tu tak sanggup nak time just come here for Steamboat only-that will do..

Nothing much happened today..just rest and rilex at my place..till the day give way to the nite..this picture taken from my balcony.nice,isn't it??

as the sun going down,the moon will appear and make our night brighter..Subhanallah..

in the night-also got no plan..entertain all of the thought that pop up in my mind..while my eye rolling at my lappy screen..hehe(still got time to online..:)

there's a lot of DVD left unwatched in my rack..yet i still dont know when i'm going to watch all of them..i love to watch movie,seems like lately this past few weeks couldn't have much time to do so..hmmmmm

it's raining cats and dogs outside..somehow i felt scared to hear the wind sound..wuhuhuuuuu..

another reason why i refuse to wash my car..such a waste..

It's raining outside-and i just finished watching Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian @ TV3..Congratulations Nabil for being the most popular artist in Malaysia!!looks like the youth really influenced by all of this type of entertainment thing..whatever..(Congratulations to my Uncle Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek for still listed as one of our minister-Menteri Belia dan Sukan..Congrats!!)

*Yesterday is history,tomorrow is mystery and today is the gift..that's why they called it the 'Present'..speaking of which,tomorrow i'm off to LANGKAWI again..(again and again..) purpose..anybody want to come with me??u are most welcome!!hehe..Nite nite everybody!!


eL said...

aku yg dekat ngan seberang jaya pon tak sampai2 lagik kocha tu haha

Ziana said...

weekend blues ek??

esok monday?? (now actly)..
so monday blues???

lgkwi lgkwi lgkwi..
nxtweek ek?

1 folder for me rite?
or 2-3pcs?
thanks tooooo tukang bawak!!

Izan said...

la... makan sorang2 ke kali ni... =)

Anonymous said...

Kesian kesorangan utk minggu ini.. Sepi itu indah!

Arash Libra said...

saya pun sgt bz...x sempat update sbb nak exam...arghhhhhhhh

*SiRibenMerah said...

awat x calling2.. hehehe.. kitorg lepak arituh.. ramai2.. hurmm, rugi wooo keseorangan dihujung minggu.. kalo idak, sure da syiok layan karaoke.. hikhikhik....

axim, bg date bila kamu free.. nak arrange dwib-bulanan meeting cam agenda makan ketam yg u x join arituh.. muleh??

redSeptember said...

bila nak belanja REd makan steamboat?

my fav food tu!

Faisal Admar said...

dato shabery is your uncle?

same case with you... i got bunch of dvd to watch but none in the watching list yet :P

MOLY said...

axim .. its better blues then red. haha !!

suka giler gambar langit biru pink purple tu... giler cantik !!

u take care
jngan blues always ..
sekali sekala x pe
kalau selalu nanti bahaya !!!

u take care dear
b strong and b a good boy !!

happy working ~

a.b geldofg said...

cntik2 gmbar ko ambil bro..aku kagum betul!

^aNgRiAni^ said...

menyelerakan nengok axim makan :D

Alya Shaka said...

Axim...cantik juga pix2 ko amik ni.

apa kata ko amik pix aku time solemnization ceremony nanti :D

anne said...

kesiannya...susah susah keluar nasi goreng tak sedap....hmmm, lain kali masak sendiri je;-) tak sedap pun tak marah...hehe.

:: NbC :: said...

Hi Axim,

wahhhh gambar sunset tu sgt cantik - nicely captured

Ad said...

xder pelanggan lain kat kedai tu ker?

ad hari2 sorang..huhuuhu

bozzobattousai said...

i know whose dvd in you rack there...cilok akak hang punya ye? sebakul dia bawak blik itu hari...

NN said...

kat situ dia nye speselti steamboat je kot.. kan dulu pi situ kita order steamboat.. awat gatai dok pi order nasik goreng..

ntah ntah, yg aku goreng lagik sedap tauu..!!

NN said...

huh, ntah hapa hapa..
memang sesuai jadik clown..

**refering to his statement dalam pancaindera punya column, tarikh 19 april.. his statemnt just shows his stupidity.. huhh, wat a jerk..

emo tetiba nihhh..


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