Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Silica Breakthrough!!

Finally i've got a chance to steal some of her precious time this afternoon-to having lunch together.Here we are at Nando's Reaturant Queensbay Mall,Pulau Pinang,Malaysia.

Lucky at this particular time(which is i presumed this is the peak time),there are not so many people's inside the restaurant..or else it will makes me feel uncomfortable..dunno why,but i hate to be in a very crowded place.a place like this just nice..cozy and comfy.

This is Anies(just in case you already forgot her name)-my very bestfriend back then in Uitm until now..Three years ago she even forget who i the time goes by,now we become so close,and not to mention we do appreciate the friendship that we had..:)

it's me against the garlic sauce..

This is our meal starter-Mushroom Soup and the Garlic's Delicious!!

tear the garlic bread and put it in the mushroom soup,that's how we enjoy the starter

and here are our main course for today:
it's mine-1/4 Chicken extra Hot with Grilled Vegie and Peri Corn

Anies-1/4 Chicken extra hot with Meditranean Rice and Coleslaw

Both are extra Hot but i still think they need to improve the spiciness..Overall,it's almost PERFECT!

Seems like we didn't have much time to chat about a lot of things,but yeah-still i managed to meet her and that's more than enough i think.

Lunch time's over..and i have to get back to work..after all,it was so nice to meet you again!!:)

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it feel my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new sun...
A new day has come.


Massa said...

kawin je la dgn si anies tu...
padan la dgn axim...ntah2 korang duaorg ni meant to be...

aRa said...

Aduh...tak tahan tgk pic...dah smgu ni angau nak mkn Nando's...Kat Kuantan yilek...KR jerk ade...tapi nak Nando's gak...telan air liuq jer la...agagaga...

Ziana said...

lama x pekene nandos nih..
but kene amik mild laa

eh cik anies!!
miss yu!

Izan said...

asal lama anis tak de dlam entry kat blog hang ni???

akak ajar mirko mkn nandos masa balik aritu. dia kata bila blk msia tempat wajib pergi... NANDOS!!!!

Lily.Lulu said...


nanti nak ajak nurman la
yum yummm ~

CaTwOmEnS said...

Sokong Massa.. Best friends ke Girl friends?? :p kahwin jelah axim oi.. Takkan teman tapi mesra lagi kot. Nasib ju tak jadi p Queensbay, Kalau nanti kacau daun pokok akar semua..

A.R.A.S.H. 910 said...


Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

switt je kan u ngn anis ni..

nandos ni plg yummy kalo yg hot tu..mau terbakar lidah.. =p

Faisal Admar said...


i can't eat the extra hot.
too hot for me to handle :P

i prefer the drumstick part too! :D

Wahidah said...

u make me craving nando's la axim..alahaii

@xiM said...


kawen??dia dah jumpa da one..haha..saya ni kawan baik dia jer.:)

@xiM said...


sila la turun KL yer kalau nak makan Nandos..bukan jauh sangat pun Kuantan Kl tuh..

@xiM said...


tak cool la amik mild..amik extra hot baru besh..:)

cik anies mish yu jugak..:)

@xiM said...


anies sebuk ngan teman baru mana sempat nak hang out ngan saya lagik..hehe

waaa Mirko pun minat ngan Nandos nih..bagus bagus..:)

@xiM said...


sila sila..sedap maaa nandos nih!!nyum nyummm

@xiM said...


waaaaa ganggu pokok akar daun semuanya??tak pernah dengar tuh..haha

@xiM said...


memang lazat!!

@xiM said...


manis??apa yang manis nyer nih..

kalau extra hot lagi layan ok!!

@xiM said...


weh,extra hot la baru mengancam!!

@xiM said...


jom jom kita pi makan nandos..

CATZ said...

i love nandos so much...but mild je lah...extra hot jadik turn off...pedas gila..hiks.
manis anies tu ye..

Nikli said...

how is she doing..??


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