Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend @ B-Suite Penang

Life always gimme a beautiful suprise,day by day..i'm happy to life my life like this,eventhough thing's always doesn't follow our lead,but for sure thing's always can be mended,like we want it to be..quite true huh?

The Rainbow not shining but it has it owns charmed..

Today i've got another task-to be part of an organizer for my Annual Company event @ Hotel Equotorial Penang.

before the ceremony begin all of the workers work really hard and give their best to make sure everything's gonna be alright..CEO will coming to officiate the event.

beautiful maria..

i love the way they manipulated the daylight-to reduce energy consuming-that will lead to global warming..Bravo!!Brilliant!!

mirror mirror hanging on the wall..

As part of the organizer,i'm entitled to get a room at B-Suite Hotel(Bukit Jambul,Penang) for 3 days and 2 night..(start from 24th to 26th April 2009)

we are brothers..

I'm alone yet they gave me this twin single there anyone want to accompany me here??you are most welcome!!

This Suite provide more spaces bigger than you can imagine..suitable for a big family to have a pleasant stay here..

My weekend will be more cheerful and peaceful by staying here..Hopefully..hehe

Will you be my bride?

This is the toilet in the room..

Pretty good for a young man like me right?

View from my Room

''Things that make you happy are only your desires
The more it grows, the more it pains
Happiness is only when you want nothing
And let the pain go in drain.''

*You Don’t Get To Choose How Your Going To Die BUT You Do Get To Choose How You Are Going To Live SO Live For Today, Have No Regrets And Party Hard!


aRa RaMaDhAn said...

I wish i could go for an holiday all by myself like this...weh xim...bestnya...awat hang mcm sodeh je ni yek??? ada prob ka?? think +ve yek...take care...

Ad said...

mm..kenapa cam x ceria jer ending entry.. destinasi mana plak yer?

Alam Setia said... ajer dok disana

Miss Nazla said...

i love the view from ur room tu.
lagi tak saba nak pegi penang!!!

and i agree with ur last quote. live your life

tehais said...

Cantik jugak pemandangan BJ dari bilik hotel tu ;)

WeBViDeOKLiP said...

lawa gmbar pelangi tu

Ziana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ziana said...

Be glad of life
because it gives you the chance
to love and to work and to play
and to look up at the stars.
tc my dear!!

MOLY said...

kenapa tak cakap duk sorang
kalau x boleh la adeq dengan menantu join sekali

suka sangat bilik air tu
especially shower dia
sekarang hotel punya trend mmc macam tu
suka bagi shower yang beso2
macam kat phuket
layan giler kalau mandi

happy weekend !!!

Unknown said...

wah ada hotel baru ke kat penang,
dah lama btul x terjah penang,
asyik trun kl jer kannnn,

rindoo nak bershopping kat queensbay dan mkn2 kat nasi kandar line clear:)

bozzobattousai said...

sliper tuh bleh cilok bawak blik tak?

Anonymous said...

best betul axim ni,asyik honymn jek..syokk!! =p

Luth Textile said...

macam2 la bro..

D'Rimba said...

Hotel oh hotel jelmalah dikau dalam gaya Melayu cukup tersendiri serba sederhana............

Faisal Admar said...

whoa. shower dia best! kalau dengan lover mesti romantic... leh nampak dia tengah mandi haha!

@xiM said...


sila sila la pi holiday yek..i'm ok lah..mana ada sedih sedih..:)

@xiM said...


next destinasi nin jauh di seberang lautan sana..tapi hmmm ada problem la pulak..ish ish ish..babi punya pasal kan..huhu

@xiM said...

Alam Setia,


@xiM said...

Miss Nazla,

so amacam penang??ada baguih kaa??

@xiM said...

Teh Ais,

haah..cantik kan ngan lampu lampu yang ada..

@xiM said...

Webvideo klip.


@xiM said...


i love that quotes so much!!


@xiM said...


lor awat tak habaq awai awai..kalau tak ceq leh invite skali..hehe

@xiM said...

Cik Wanie,

haah,B-Suite ni baru jer bukak..tapi servis banyak lagi yang kurang..biasalah hotel baru kan..need a lot of improvement..

@xiM said...


dah cilok 4 pasang siap wat balik umah..wat selipar dapur..haha

@xiM said...


lagi best kalau ada teman..hihi

@xiM said...

\Luth Textile,

apa yang macam macam ni..tak paham..:-?

@xiM said...


wah siap berfalsafah lagi tuh..hehe

@xiM said...

Faisal Admar,

kalau camtu ajak la lover hang mai mandi skali..hehe


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