Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UEFA:Chelsea VS Barca

UEFA Champions League-Semi Final Leg 1-Still have some strength to wake up at 2.30 am to watch this game,My favourite team,Chelsea against Barcelona..we are away this time since the game were held at Nou Camp,Barcelona..For the record,Barcelona FC never missed to scored any goal at their 'Home' how abouth the Blues performance?

and da game begin..

When the match started,i felt so anxious since Chelsea had been attacked again and again..But credit to The magnificient defend-John Terry asa Chelsea Captain!!

Chelsea no,Barca No..

In the first half,Alex and Micheal Ballack 'blessed' with Yellow card..hehe

it's 30 minute already..still 0-0..

Obviously ball possesion much more on Barcelona side..they keep coming and coming..

nice try from Tierry Henry!!phewww..

their turn to collect yellow card-Toure Yaya

At minutes 38,Didier Drogba missed a Golden Chance to score,when Valdes can Blocked the ball but still,i think this opportunity shouldn't be missed...errrrggghhhh..what a waste..

hmmmm still 0-0

Samuel Eeto-Barcelona

It's half time,but both of the team still attached with 0-0..

Personally,i think first half give Barcelona FC more advantages than the Blue Team..They keep atack and attack,and they forced Chelsea to keep defend and defend!!whoooaaa..

and another second Half begin..

at the beginning of this second half,Rafael Marquez collapsed on the turf without being challenged and was carried off holding his knee..

Puyol replace marquez

The Barcelona goal came under more pressure at the start of the second period, Daniel Alves conceding a free-kick which Drogba dropped on to Ballack's head, but the chance zipped over.

the game this point of time i'm questioning myself-where the hell Frank Lampard??why he didn't perform at all??

still no-no..

Hiddink change his mind to replace Ballack

With Nicholas Anelka..

And added 5 minutes time didn't makes any difference-Both team tied 0-0!!..

I think it's the first time they haven't scored a goal in a home game this season which is quite an achievement for Chelsea!!The Blues managed to be very disciplined tactically, defensively, but they didn't keep possession well in the first half, and kicked too many balls away [out of defence]. In the second half they're better and started playing.
Petr did a good job defensively. He saved the game for us and [José] Bosingwa also did a good job, got good help from [Florent] Malouda down the left side and there was also good support from John Terry when Messi went inside. You have to play very courageously here and also with a lot of intelligence. Terry was inspiring and an example to the rest of the team, who responded very well. This is a team who must play better when we have possession but this opponent doesn't let you play easily. My team has a lot of courage and are ready to spill a lot of blood for the cause; mentally they're very tough.''-Guus Hiddink,Chelsea Coach

*another semi final match tonight-Manchester United VS Arsenal..


miamor said...

setiap kali ade match encik sam akan kunci segala jam yang bole di kunci.malam kang lagi la u nak main..huhu...

Wahidah said...

mlm ne MU vs arsenal pulak...


cae said...

hehehe.. 0-0 kan?!

muadzlife said...

amboi siap di snapnya segala bagai aksi & player..

mujur le maksu x minat kesah bola neh..lena tidurku..hehehe

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