Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Cleaning

Finally i've got a chance to get rest after spend the last whole week with course and friends..but still,i have to get my place clean and tidy before i can settle down well here.My place has transformed such a mess since that last two days when i've came back here and me myself didn't have much time to get it neat.

Everything seems like a tongkang pecah,where everything is so in the wrong place and not in order.I've to do something with this..way to go captain clean and tidy,just do your job and dont forget to get everythings in order ok..

At least this could give me more reason why i love to spend most of my time at home..

1 comment:

rehan said...

nice house!!! tapi umah kuarters sama je the way, very impress terrornye mengemas..kalah i yang perempuan nih huhuhu


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