Friday, February 8, 2008

Tomyam + Dragon WarS

Dinner malam ni ialah megi tomyam+sotong+ayam+sayuran sket..sambil makan ni aku nonton dvd Dragon War..average aku rasa citer dier juz ok la..sarat ngan aksi walaupun agak khayalan sket citer dia..tapi dengan teknik CGI yang mantap aku rasa babak babak yang mengarut banyak dapat di selamatkan..

As a young boy, Ethan Kendrick (Cody Arens) encounters antiques dealer Jack (Robert Forster), who has a glowing dragon scale in a Korean chest in his shop. Jack says Ethan is the reincarnated spirit of Haram, a warrior-apprentice from 500 years ago. Once it lives to be ideal age, a Imugi was chosen by heaven to receive the Yeo-ui-ju orb, which is required for it to become a dragon. However, a evil Imugi by the name of Buraki wanted the Yeo-ui-ju for himself even if it meant to defy Heaven's law. To keep the Yeo-ui-ju from Buraki, it was sent to Earth and placed within the body of a newly born girl, Narin.

When she turned twenty, with the Yeo-ui-ju fully formed, Buraki found her before the good Imugi could, sending his followers under his general to get her for him. But though she must be sacrficed to the good Imugi to release the Yeo-ui-ju, Haram couldn't do it and so the two committed suicide to escape Buraki's grasp with promise to meet again in the next life.

15 years after the enounter with Jack, the reincarnation of Haram's mentor Bochun, the adult Ethan (Jason Behr) is a television news reporter who coincidentally meets Sarah Daniels (Amanda Brooks), the reincarnation of Narin. Meanwhile, after waiting 500 years, Buraki rises in modern Los Angeles and repeatedly chases the two reincarnated lovers; personally and with his army led by the evil general. In the end, he finally captures both her and Ethan after they gave him and his minions the slip a dozen times.

However, the good Imugi arrives at the last moment and battles Buraki before being mortally wounded in the process. It is then that Sarah decides that she doesn't want to run away anymore, releasing the Yeo-ui-ju from her body to allow the good imugi transform into a powerful dragon, at the cost of her life, to finally destroy Buraki. As the skies begin to clear, Ethan holds the dead Sarah in his arms, as she fades into a spirit and promises Ethan they'll meet again before she gives herself up completely into the Yeo-ui-ju as the dragon, moved to the point of tears, takes the orb back to heaven.

*citer ni da lama beli dvd nya tapi baru berkesempatan nak tengok....

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chef azim nye resepi ye!!!NICEE!!!!!


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