Monday, December 22, 2008

Telaga Harbour Park @ Pantai KoK

Pantai Kok is a beautiful and isolated stretch of beach in the northeast section of Langkawi Island.

Enjoy the carefree, sun—filled days and quiet evening strolls at Pantai Kok, one of Langkawi's many idyllic beaches.

Located along the island's western coastline about 25 kilometres from Kuah town, the beach was named after a nearby fishing village.

Here i am at The Telaga Harbour Park @ Pantai Kok
The Telaga Harbour Park is a beautiful marina that is next to Pantai Kok. This marina was built to promote Langkawi as a major sailing and yachting destination.
Indeed, the whole marina is beautifully-landscaped and designed to resemble a section of the French Riviera. The harbour is built in a sheltered location, making it a safe place for international yachts to dock and get their supplies and service.
The harbour is also a great place to get music and food during the night with many cafes and bistros located along the dock.

The Pantai Kok area is a relatively undisturbed location and much of the natural scenery is still intact, making this an ideal place to visit for those who love nature or want a quieter holiday destination.

Oh ya,before i forget,if you've got an intention to do some activities-there are pleasant range of activities which friends or families can indulge in-Telaga Harbour Park, Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls and Cable Car.

so what are you waiting for?


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amboih ..
asik dia jek g langkawi

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