Thursday, October 21, 2010


What will you do at 10.30 pm,considering you just get back from your office,still wearing your office attire, didn't get enough rest, and still dont have dinner?and you feel like dead sleepy and really need a hot bath with some aromatherapy.Maybe you will drove back home and just lay down in your couch until you fall asleep..I think most of the people will chose that one.

But i'm not.

1At 10.30 pm, i choose the Seafood Restaurant, in order to comfort myself for having a rough and busy day.I chose FOOD.i know it's a wrong choice, but what's left on me then if i dont take any dinner? Empty stomach is not a good thing but bloated it's not a nice thing either.again, i kew i've made the wrong decision.But who cares? i'm hungry and i need some award for myself-so here i am @ AHMAD SEAFOOD located at Permatang Batu.

I always wonder why Restaurant MUST have the colourful lamp like this..Maybe that could be an attraction for the customer..Or maybe that's because they want to create a dime scene,a romantic scene..i dont's not my concern though.But seeing the Blue and red flourescent tube like this remind me so much about STAR WARS , the JEDI sword.Dont you think so?


Back to the main topic.I've ordered Watermelon juice, and the orange juice for her. i'm craving for mango juice but apparently not so many Restaurant will provide the mango juice fresh from the farm..How i miss fresh Mango juice from Tahara Seafood Kampung Pandan,Kuala Lumpur.


When i look into the menu, i'm so excited to saw this Deep Fried seem's yummy,isn't it?

But like the older saying- 'dont judge a book by its Cover', it's really true..A bit frustrated with this SOTONG GORENG TEPUNG presentation ( somehow i wish it would be like in the menu given), but still we managed to finish all of them.. The taste> B+

Unfamilliar with this? This is what we've called KERABU PERUT..It's delicious!! the lemongrass aroma,the coriander mixed with shallots,and the tomato with lemon juice,'s refreshing..the taste>A+

TOMYAM SOUP SEAFOOD - satisfactory condition.i love the fact the taste is not too spicy,and the gravvy is nice!it's a Thai food, but here in Malaysia u manage to get this almost everywhere!maybe so many of us didn'y realize how lucky we are to be in Malaysia..Te taste>A

 Timun & Belacan..i've been told not to consume this frequently.may i know why?:p

Last but not least -IKAN KERAPU TIGA RASA.. the overall taste is good..The fish is crunchy,sweet and sour but still maintaned it's original fish flavour..Delicious!!The taste>A+

See?that's what i'm talking about.

Somehow we managed to get all of the dishes gone.

And this is the time when i realized my appetite is become bigger and bigger..

appetite : a desire to satisfy any bodily need or craving

(DISCLAIMER: Bahasa Inggeris yang diguna pakai dalam entri ini tidak sesuai di pakai untuk persuratan rasmi mahupun untuk pembelajaran.sekian terima kasih)


kucingorengemok said...

homework subjek inggeris bila ni, baru nak buat? hehe...

kerapu 3 rasa is the best! tapi banyak kedai takde stok kerapu. dia orang simpan siakap dengan jenahak je.

Benedict Bernard said...

nanti belanja kat sini bole? :P

rasp said...

walla! kerapu 3 rasa looks super duper yummylicious...
for sure i m proud to be a malaysian..

sepul said...

wahhh abang azim cakap orengputeh.
hang pi dgn sapa nih? baik hang habaq

Wahidah said...

ikan kerapu tu nampak tempting gile..wahhhhhhhhh.........

nak tnya ikan kerapu ngan ikan siakap mn lg besh eik

Cik Puan Syeeda said...

lapar ohhh..

@xiM said...


tu lah dlu cikgu suh aku belajar taknak sekarang baru terkial kial nak buat entri dalam BI..

Kerapu tiga rasa is terbaik!!

@xiM said...


boleh jer ben..Insya Allah..

@xiM said...


it is!!memang yummy!!

@xiM said...


aku pi ngan sapa..??

adalah.mana leh habaq kat hang.nanti tak suprise.:p

@xiM said...


ikan kerapu lagi sedap!!

@xiM said...


kalau lapar sila tengok entri terbaru aku.heheheee


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