Friday, October 8, 2010


Everyone wants to be happy. Some people wants to be rich, some people wants to be loved, some people wants to be successful in their career, they all lead to only 1 purpose. The ultimate goal of life, HAPPINESS.

In our lifes, we do all sort of things to make ourselves happy. There are times that we feel unhappy. Unhappy about our jobs, unhappy about our relationship, unhappy about our financial situation. When we feel unhappy, we tend to change our current situation. We change the job when we feel unhappy about it, we decide to break up when we feel unhappy about the relationship but would all the changes makes the unhappiness goes away and the happiness will come forever?

We change the job we are unhappy about now just to find another job that we are unhappy about later. Why don't we make ourselves feel happy about our current job or find something that makes ourselves happy to balance it out?

We choose to break up if a relationship seems to have some unhappiness just to find another relationship that will also give some unhappiness later. Why don't we work it out and find some happiness together?

For something to raise, it must first be down. There will not be any happiness if there is no unhappiness. There will not be a sunrise if there is no sunset. The share market won't go up if it doesn't go down. That's how the nature works.To find the happiness, we must always withstand the unhappiness and wait for the rise. People tends to runaway when they feel there is unhappiness and couldn't stay put for the rise because they are scared. They are affraid to overcome the unhappiness and choose to give up. This is very often to happen in a relationship.

When someone feels unhappiness in a relationship, they just want to get away as soon as possible thinking that the next one will be better. Well, try to ask those married couples or those who had experience quite a number of relationships, they will tell you the same thing. It is just a circle. There are no couple that are happy without experienced any unhappiness. For those who are willing to stay put, the unhappiness will prove their love and the happiness they found is ever after.

*Well, nobody could predict the future, an unhappy relationship won't be unhappy forever as the nature flows. Why don't people nowadays tried to stay put to see what will happen next?This is the time when i feel unhappy about my job.But i must stay put..and wait for the rise..I know i can do it.Insya Allah.


sepul said...

jenuh aku carik kamus baru nak paham apa hang kata nih.
tahniah cik azim satu entry berbahasa inggeris yang sangat bermutu dan berilmiah.

mazddaud said...

Dream what you want to dream,
go where you want to go,
be what you want to be.

Because you have only one life and
one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Anonymous said...

Berbalik kepada tujuan kejadian manusia dimuka bumi..keadaan bosan dgn keje akan berlaku lepas 3 tahun jika dpt melepasi fasa itu kita akan ok semula..jgn jd mcm saya...meninggalkan keje lama dan sekarang amat merinduinyer....betullah ckp ex boss sy org muda mmg tk blh sabar...mmm


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