Monday, November 23, 2009


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CHOOSE TO LOVE. . .rather than hate.
CHOOSE TO SMILE. . . rather than frown.
CHOOSE TO BUILD . . . rather than destroy.
CHOOSE TO PERSEVERE . . . rather than quit.
CHOOSE TO PRAISE . . . rather than gossip.
CHOOSE TO HEAL . . . rather than wound.
CHOOSE TO GIVE . . . rather than grasp.
CHOOSE TO ACT . . . rather than delay.
CHOOSE TO FORGIVE . . . rather than curse."
-Author Unknown


We all had so many choices in Life..You don't have to buy from anyone,you don't have to work at any particular job,you don't have to participate in any given relationship,you can choose..and in the end the choices that we make determine everything you choose to for me,i could say that i've done so many wrong choices in life and maybe it's time to look back for all the thing's that i've done..People makes mistakes,but you can't be better if you never learn from the mistakes itself..and i'm still trying.

Speaking of which,my lil sis already made her final choice last saturday-she's been married with her Mr.Right at Majid Jamek Kemasek..Congratulations for her..seriously,i'm really-really happy for her..even deep inside i feel like i'm losing my lil sis,but it's about time.It's time to accept the fact that we all've grown up and already decide our own path..there's nothing i can do about it..Our life is always our choice remember??

and Now i'm facing another typical question after everything has said and done-'When is my turn to get married and live happily ever after with my spouse??''..Somebody please..Save me from this since i've got no answer..haha..i guess i'm still not ready for that.Enough.


Today is monday,and i'm lying in My office,still thinking and keep thinking about Life..and if only i could turn back the time,i will do every possible thing that i could do to make things Right again..


Qumairah said...

well I think do not be afraid of doing wrong things because those things make you a better person. No need to turn time to make things right, just embrace the future with better judgments.

Lady Dyla said...

Life is such unpredictable... in order to succeed u have to choose the right choice.. The prob is... u dunno which one is right sumtimes..

dr itu! said...

saya pilih untuk terus memilih jalan yang bahagia...huhu...=]

dr itu! said...
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Wahidah said...

we have so many choices in life.. but we have to brave enough to decide..but make sure u make the right decision..but sometime we make a wrong decision..but thats life..chills papa axim..:P

Arash Libra said...

@xim, if im not mistaken..u ada pegi phuket kan? i try to find out the cerita..xder..huhu..i juz wanna find some info..huhu.. TQ

Faisal Admar said...

life is about choices :D


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