Friday, March 13, 2009


For some reason,i feel insecure..
For some reason,i feel Vulnerable..
And for some reason,i feel lost and hopeless..

It's friday,and what's with that?yeah..i bet you are's da day where everybody will busy with Holiday Plan and stuff like usual,seems like so many cars will leave the island..and that's when chaotic moment begin..

it's 5 pm,-massive traffic jammed already formed..

With Lorries and buses things getting worse..

couldn't help myself to captured this moment..

now you know i'm not lying-since the car is not moving and i'm so free to played with my toy.

E-Gate in Penang Island..

managed to get out from the Island at 6.15 pm..

Stop by at the tyre services Centre-need to checking alignment and balancing for Mr.TAP.i do rotate the tyres as well..

Mr.TAP was under maintenance services..

i always wanted to replace my Sport Rim-seems like so many choices on the upper rack..

what do you think about this one?kinda like it..but have to wait till money is not the problem anymore for me..hehe..

7 pm..

Done with the Alignment and Balancing,straight away drove myself way back home..

This is where i live..what a cool Compound isn't it?i love it so so much..But one thing for sure,i'm not going to stuck in here for a long time period..There are so many opportunities and Chances out there to be discovered,yet i'm on my own way to reach there..(if you know what i mean..)

The sun will Go down to give way to the night..
and Life goes on,always goes on..
For some reason,i get that strength back..


Wahidah said...

wah new sports rim eik..menarik2...

many chances out there grab it kay..:)

masa pi penang dl nasib baik la smpai bkn time jammed blk keje...can't stand with the traffic jammed la..

A.R.A.S.H. 910 said...

u pakai camera apa ek?

bozzobattousai said...

kat kl nih tak pernah tak jem...

Faisal said...

Ehh bunyi macam nak tukar keje je?

Aku pun sangkut dalam jam ari ni. Sialan tol. Sakit kaki aku. Dah le manual.

Penang dgn KL dah tak tahu nak beza mana satu. Ko kuar lewat je sikit pun mampus nak sampai in time.

Ziana said...

rim itew??
tantek!! suke suke!!
sila grap okey!!

dah dah..
jom kl

kl nye jem leh gak selit sane sini.. penang tuh.. huh? stuck!!
but penang best!!!
kewl yeah!

kami said...

Betul cam cakap faisal tu, bunyi cam nak cari tampat baru jerk. Rasa nya mana2 pun sama beb. Dalam ekonomi yg merundum ni susah nak cakap.Banyak kan bersabar jerk

Ad Rifza said...

Eh samalah kete kite..hehe..Ad pun plan nak tukar rim but sampai kapan baru bleh tukar tatau...huhu..

sepul said...

ok gak sport rim tuh..tapi aku rasa kalo amik kaler gold lagi cantik kot. sbb nampak menyerlah sket. sbb keta dah black. woo nampak jahat woo. heheheheh. tapi apa2 pun it's up 2 u la. just my humble opinion.

izal said...

cun rim tu bro..kaler grey tu...sambar jer...

Lily.Lulu said...

my advice ...
nak tak ???

tak yah beli rim
baik beli lense dengan flash

muahahahaha !!!
racun sudah tiba

Miss Nazla said...

well my friday was about the same too. end up kuar office around 830 dari area masjid jamek.

bawak kete, jalan jem. naik komuter, org sesak balik cuti2 mesia.


Nikli said...

kalau aku xpayah rims..
pegi simpan duit buat travel lagik besstttt.. hahhahahahhaaaaa..

nak tukar keje..?? reach there..??

open table ok nanti dah dapat keje baru..

Selamat Maju Jaya..


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