Friday, March 20, 2009

When The Night Has Come..

Happy Friday everyone.

Here's just the recap on my last night activities..Nothing much-Having Dinner by myself and Catch a wonderful new released Movie at Sunway Carnival Mall.Not to mention my eye disease completely healed.Thank least i wont suffer for a long period of time..

having dinner at this Restaurant-Fish Manhattan Market,not too much if i'm gonna say this is a nice place to dine in..

Mushroom soup as a starter-at this moment of time i'm really a blink of an eye this mushroom soup gone with the wind..hehe

ohh yeah,i'm alone..i like this feeling's brilliant.

at first i wonder why they've called this meal 'flaming platter for one'.By seeing this with my naked eye makes me got the clear idea why they named it that way.LOL.

They 'Burn' This 3 cute Prawn-the garvy on top of them was superb!

The Dory Fillet and French Fries included..i'm not a big fan of Dory Filet..better go with Salmon Fillet..

They put plenty of french fries in it

and i just couldn't finish it..nice meal though-Dory fillet + Grilled Prawn + Fries + Garlic Rice + Iced Lemon Tea.

Lucky that i've brought along this RM5 Voucher with least discount RM5 does matter to me..hehe

craving for King Salmon Cajun Meal initially but couldn't help myself to try another the end it was so nice and still meet my expectation..then why hesitate to come again later?:)

Having good meal doesn't perfect if it not came along with the good Movie too..The International-i found this movie was beautiful!I quite liked this movie, good plot, beautifully shot and it kept enough of a mystery about to keep me engaged..good action sequences..but beware there's a lot of Blood and please dont take your Child's 18 SG's 3 and Half Star rating(my personal rating).

*Clive Owen looks like he needs a shower and a good nights sleep through the whole film though..haha..STILL,THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE..Have a splendid weekend everybody!!today i'm off to my hometown till this coming Sunday.. see ya later guys!!TC.


Anonymous said...

best tak makan kat sini?
never try yet.

Arash Libra said...

i lum pegi lagi itu tempat..huhu..shud try as all my frenz have been there & said "nice"..wakaka

pRincESs_N said...

x pnh g fishmarket...sedap x...

Wahidah said...

mkn sorang2 je ker?? kalo i la kan axim...snggup berlapar dr mkn sesorang..hehehe...

artisticklytouch said...

ok...jupe mung di nung...mamang...

Anonymous said...

mushroom dia nmpk cam best :)

Ziana said...

huh?? mushroom suop!!
lapo lak..

jom kite try pumpkin soup nak??
nyamah sehhh!

Unknown said...


dah lama tak tgk entry bahasa inggeris :D

Miss Nazla said...

ala nape dinner sorang2?
makan sedap cmne pun mesti feeling tak best.

tu i nye perasaan je kot?

@xiM said...


best..i like fish!!keropok lekor?mmmmmmm nyum nyumm..

@xiM said...

ARASH 910,

Yeah,u shud try..jangan lupa publish dalam blog nanti k.hehe

@xiM said...

Princess N,

ok sedap!depend on what you oredr jugak..

@xiM said...


like what i've already said dalam entry ni-kinda like this feeling's brilliant..


@xiM said...


orait..jumpa mung di nung nanti k..


@xiM said...

Farhana Abu Bakar,

Mushroom Soup tu tak berapa best so ajer..

@xiM said...


hang memang suka kan kalau mushroom soup cicah ngan roti..


pumpkin soup??namooo..hehe

@xiM said...



@xiM said...

Miss Nazla,

kadang kadang berseorangan macam ni pun best jugak..haha

Izan said...

da kata da...makanan lg... lapaq la...

MOLY said...

sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
i'm so hungry at the moment

oh tidak !!
i need food now



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