Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today is already tuesday...last night i think i didn't have an enuff sleep,probably because i've spend my time with my old friend at G-Hotel,Gurney Drive..Hilmie,my old fren back then in UiTM Shah Alam aka my former BSAC Classmate in town since his company having another conference at that particular what do i do?just be another guest (i guess),and we do talk about so much thing last night..

As for today,I think i'm going to share with all of you how to write a resignation letter,if you just want to quit and runaway from all of the workplace problem.(clearly that's not gonna solve anything.)Maybe this could be the sweet escape for those who really depressed with their current job.this will help a lot,perhaps..

You can choose whether you want to write:

  • A Short One

  • A bit Formal

  • Really Formal

  • Or This One?

You decide,you is always about making choices or decision,whether it is right or wrong..So made up your mind and please do choosed the right decision in your life ok?

*If i had to choosed,i probably choose the last one..'your deadly employee..'..


sepul said...

hehehehhe. ganazz gannazzz

Ziana said...

nih ade unsur2 x pueh hati ke hape nih..?

kucingorengemok said...

asalkan jangan menyesal lepas pos and terpaksa korek mail box macam badul dah le... hehehe

Leez said...

hahahaha..... cubalah...ada berani?

CAHAYA said...

haha. the last one gila seram!

Faisal Admar said...

bila ler aku leh quit kan?


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