Thursday, March 4, 2010


Every single things happen,for a reason.


i'm quite ok with that fact,it's true..thing always happen for a reason..but sometimes we just cannot figure it out.Speaking of which,lately things doesn't working out well for me.i mean,i'm off the track a little bit.Seems like the worlds really against me..everything against me..and i just cannot figure it out where i'm do wrong.nothing feels alright at this moment.

Let's see-this past few weeks and this past few days-My relationship with someone sinking,in term of jobsphere-i really truly hate my boss..he is such the pain in my ass..not to mention that i've got some problem with my DSLR,which is already sent to Nikon service center(due to shutter problem).One thing lead to another-my Laptop also give me headache because i can't turn it on(and i still dont know why),and yesterday i can't open my Yahoo mail,i believed that account hacked by irresponsible spammer,and i just can't understand why my Facebook account also can't be opened until now.

I can be as mad as a dog if i want,apparently that's not what i'm going to do.

I choose to LET GO.

Maybe it's not a big deal for some of you,but it is for me..It's a Big deal when i can't confront my boss and try to like him eventhough it's been 4 years since i met him.It's a big Deal for me when i can't capture this wonderful world because my DSLR away from me for a while,in Service center.It's a big deal for me when i can't turn my laptop on,because everything i knew is inside that box,and it's really a Big deal for me when i can't access my Yahoo mail and my Facebook account,because get in touched with my virtual friends really makes me feel good,makes me feel alive.and thanks God i only have this Blog to let it out.all out.

But like i've said before-i chose to let go.and none of the above will bring me down.whatever happen,i'm not gonna QUIT.i'm not gonna lock myself in the room and screaming out loud like a maniac.i'm not gonna run away from all of this mess,and i'm not that desperate to find something more..All of the bad thing that happened just makes me stronger than ever..i'm brave enough,so i will keep moving on.because i'm not a quitter.

Really.I'm not a QUITTER.

I might be on the edge of breaking down when nobody there to save me,but i will save myself.i'm gonna do something different,something edgy to handle this.i know i will.and you know i's not the end of me,and my life are not over why bothered so much?just because thing doesn't work well for me it doesn't mean i have to stop.

Keep moving forward.that's what i'm gonna do.and nothing can stop me.

*when you Love someone,you have to accept both of bright and dark side of them.same goes to the Life,if you want to live your life better,just accept all of the good and bad things that happened surround you,and do appreciate what you have,before it's gone and never come back.

**Demi Allah,i'm not trying to be smart here.i know my english is broken,and there's a lot of grammar mistakes in this entry.i know.and if you do mind,feel free to correct them ok?thank you in advance.


Wahizah said...

keep it up! the positive way that you've choosed is good! about the grammar, you'll improve day to day. just read more book, newspaper, magazine in ENGLISH.

Looking forward for you to come here! ;)

Wahidah said...

Thats life axim..full of up n down..ur life is full of obstacles this lately but keep on moving as u do...i believe u can overcome all this..

assabru minal iman..:)

dolly said...

u hv a good life azim.. i believe so..Allah just put us in hardship test us.. to remind us.. how we r weak without him.. but hey keep it up.. i really enjoyed reading ur blog btw..berkali2 baca pun x boring.. :)

Kniedaz said...

life must go on..
everything will be better if u r thinking positive..

@xiM said...


thanks for your support wahi!!anything kalau tetiba ter pergi ke singapore i will let you know ok..:)

@xiM said...


betul tu.sabar adalah sebahagian dari iman..Allah nak uji lah ni..i know i can handle this..:)

Insya Allah thing going to get better as the time goes by.

@xiM said...


Yeap..Allah wanna test me..nak tengok i sabar ke tak..

thanks for enjoyed reading my blog!!keep coming here ok..


@xiM said...



be positive whoever we are and whatever we are.

Unknown said...


anggaplah itu semua satu dugaan yg dtg dr-NYA,
mcm Wanie kasi kat sms td,
mungkin ada hikmah disebalik setiap kejadian yg berlaku,
apa yg penting axim kena bersabar dan terus berdoa agar dipermudahkan semua urusan ok...

Wanie tahu axim blh,
n i know u can do it,
trust me ok...

Pasal dslr tue,
wanie pun nak doakan agar DSLR axim tue cepat sembuh ok,

(take a gud care ok)

wanie suka ayat nie "when you Love someone,you have to accept both of bright and dark side of them.same goes to the Life,if you want to live your life better,just accept all of the good and bad things that happened surround you,and do appreciate what you have,before it's gone and never come back."....
ia sungguh2 bermakna tau....

take care:)

xplorer said...

bro , same thing happened to me . everything seems to go in an opposite direction

illa said...

hi axim..

i like ur quote in tht green lines..

:) keep praying n Allah will give u the best in all ways..

NN said...

sabar itu separuh daripada iman..
Aku xpandai nak bagi nasihat tapi aku yakin hang akan tabah melalui hari-hari yang sukar..

Zafruez sangat ayat.. Hahaaaaaa..!

dolly said...

nnt i nak curi ur quote tu yer.. such a lovely words n very meaningful..

CAHAYA said...

Auwh, one thing after another? Be strong Axim. It might be just a phase. Sabar naa.

Quitter is for loser. And I believe you're not. Letting go is good. Letting go doesn't mean you have to scream or let your chest out directly. Try to work things on the inside first. Then you'll have no problem to let go on the outside.

I hope your work, Nikon, email and FB will be okay soon.

p/s: my English was no better. So no point to point out others' mistakes.

Faisal Admar said...

jeez! that's scary. keith is facing the same problem like you. almost, even though not exactly.

he accidentally pour his drink on the laptop and until now they can't fix it. some of the important files for work vanish too!

he can't renew his license because of the summon.

shit happens azim. as i always said, life is like a wheel. soon, it's your up-time after the down-time. ok?

cheer up!

ezu said...

sabar yea.. i know u can do it!! :)
whatever happened.. kwn2 takan hilang punye.. don`t worry :d

Beruang Madu said...

Pelan pelan... settle problem satu satu... jangan menggelupur sangat.. nanti satu hapa pun takleh settle...

Ziana said...

sabaq naaa..
nih sume dugaan dr NYA..

btui kata AB tuh..
pelan2 kayuh..
insyaAllah satu2 akan settle..

eLLy said...

wow speking london..

keep moving beb!! life must go on

fendifid said...

Axim...relax bro,

Sometimes kita kena jatuh baru kita tahu camne nak bangun balik.
Sometimes kite kena susah baru kita appreciate kesenangan.
Memang kadang kadang rasa lemas bila dugaan datang bertalu talu.
I just hope you hang in there strong and face them positively.

@xiM said...


thanks wanie!!dugaan yang datang lah sebenarnya yang mematangkan memang saya anggap apa yang berlaku ni ada hikmahnya.just wait and see,nanti pasti akan dapat something yang kita tak duga..

hope jugak my DSLR tu cepat sembuh,hehe

u take care too ok!!

@xiM said...


just sabar k bro..i know u can handle that like this-full of obstacles and problem..our reaction determine everything..

get well soon to ur junior ok..take care.

@xiM said...


glad that you like it.just some thought to share..

yeap.Allah always know what best for us.

@xiM said...


kalau zaifruez baca ni mesti dia akan menggelupur sebab hang dah kacau trademark dia dengan menggunakan bahasa bahasa yang sungguh baku ini.

thanks anyway!!you take care jugak!

@xiM said...


curik jer..dun worry be happy..:)

@xiM said...


thanks keen.i hope everything gonna be fine after thing lead to another so i chose to let go and just go with the flow.hope i managed to handle this peacefully..

i really hope sumer ni akan setel.Insya Allah.

biar masa menentukan..

tunbegia said...

sungguh kesabaran,


@xiM said...


owh really?Keith facing the same thing too?so how he react or how he handle this?wanna share with me?hehe

i'm waiting.for the up-time of me to come..:)

@xiM said...


yeap.u are totally right.kawan tak ilang,at least kawan yang betul betul kawan takkan step away from me no matter what happened kan..

@xiM said...


betul tu bang.sekarang ni memang tengah pelan pelan kayuh.malas nak pikir sangat apa yang berlaku.

it is what it is so nak buat macam mana lagi?dah takdirnya macam tu.

so sekarang kena figure out lah how to deal with it.

i know i can.Insya Allah..:)

@xiM said...

ZIANA, semua dugaan NYA..
i memang dah sabar ni..hehe

pelan pelan kayuh insya Allah satu satu akan settle nanti..
u take care ok!

@xiM said...


cakap london la pulak sekali sekala kan..hehe..

yeah.keep moving goes on.


@xiM said...


thanks for da advice ok.betul apa hang cakap tuh..kadang kita kena rasa susah dulu baru kita tahu nak hargai kesenangan yang akan mendatang kelak..just face them positively kan..


@xiM said...


sabar itu sebahagian dari iman..:)


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