Friday, January 30, 2009

Of Lunch & Dinner


Lunch @ Roti Bakar Kopitiam opposite of USM.

What a sloppry Presentation by them-i'm pretty sure the boy that brought a cup of coffee to me had a severe Parkinson,which shown clearly on the above picture.

Someone did Online since they provide free-WiFi here..Is that my blog that she surfing for?

Yeah,she's my BFF.Not to mention currently she's into Penang more than Perlis..hehe(if you know what i mean..)

For da very first time i heard about this meal-Nasi Lemak Hijau.The Greenish Rice smell like Pandan Leaves i think that's their secret,i guess..Anis did ordered this,

While axim on the other hand ordered This Nasi Goreng Tomyam,so-so only lahh..

Just wonder why Anies really like to hang out at this Kopitiam..LOL.


Having Dinner @ Noodle Station E-Gate,near to my Office.

One thing why i love to stop by here-The uniqueness of How they served the beverages.Kinda cool isn't it?

I love to smile..In Fact,i smile eventhough i'm in Trouble or when i'm in da middle of so many makes me feel more calm and peaceful..yeah,it does work.Try me.

Can't you believe this?She's hanging out with me but still manage to Chat with her friends via YM..hehe,

Nasi Putih with Kari Ayam..Not so nice..-Anies

Fried Rice with Prawn-This one was sooo Good...-Axim

Honey BBQ Chicken Wing..Ok but not exceed our expectation..hehe

It's HALAL..I'm confidence with it.

Chubby VS Chubbier = ChubbieST


I'm on my way home,@ Penang Bridge

Still under Construction,Hopefully they managed to get it done fast.

*is it true the best way to make it through is by listen to your HEART?what if your intution is wrong?make a change,take a chance and sailed it away..


Faisal Admar said...

eh i thought the 3 lanes is opened since few days ago?

hehehe the e90 that anies using cost about rm4k... wah wee.... :D

axim said...

Faisal Admar,

but not officially yet...

haha..that E90 memang best..tak mampu aku nak pakai..anak tokey ayam jer boleh pakai HP tu..hehe

Faisal Admar said...

ic ic... har? member aku kerani je pakai e90 tuh hehe. tapi dia ada side income lain lah!

aku dah try pakai, aku suka laptop lagi kot. kecik sangat lah...

jom beli blackberry! lg best keke. leh on ym 24/7

nak beli ajak aku okeh??

axim said...

Faisal Admar,

dari pakai E90 baik beli laptop terus..lagi puas hati...

Black Berry?best woo..tapi duit takdak apa pun tak boleh di buek..haha

Lily.Lulu said...

dari dulu lagi nak makan kat noodle station sampai skang tak pergi2 jugak ..

pa .. when u come to kl nnt we should go and lepak kat noodle station eh ???

leh borak panjang, gelak gelak sampai lebam !!


miss u anies !!!
gelak sesorang ingat kes ari tuh
macam2 la

axim said...


haah..dari dulu lagik adeq cakap nak pi tak pi pi lagi kan..sure,nanti kalau pa sampai KL kita pi cari noodle station n lepak kat sini..

leh borak dan sembang sampai lebam like we always do..ngeeee..


miz kat anies yek...nanti dia baca la kot komen nih..memang sengal kan dia??slengaa...haha

Catz said...

catz tak pernah mkn lg kat noodle station...oh..nasik goreng pun ada eh??
next time bila pehgi dah tau nak order apa..

LeannY said...


Chubby VS Chubbier = ChubbieST

jadik tu ka..bukan "chubbycutest" ke

A.R.A.S.H. 910 said...

teruja dgn air tuh..huhu

Ziana said...

asyik dok nengok pic jambtn penang nih ajo..
bile nk sampai sane ek??
lama btui x jejak penang..

Beruang Madu said...

Macam lazat yg amat lah makanan tu... kopitiam kat sana pun ada makan makan gitu ker? rasa cemana? ada kelas ker compare ngan yg kat tepi jalan tu

Anonymous said...

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