Monday, July 20, 2009

The Truth

''Kadang-kadang xim,kita buat decision yang risky tapi for a better..i've already found someone that can guide me.but one thing for sure Jodoh semua di tangan-NYA..i'm not going to expect more on this,sebab itu belum tentu lagi..Nak sangat-sangat kita jadi macam dulu but da fact is kita dah tak berkesempatan..Just nak you tahu di hati ni masih ada axim yang dulu..''

-By knowing this,another chapter of my life has just begin..probably i'm not going to be the same person you've ever known anymore,but the new me will going to be just well as how you will defined it to be.Things always happen for a reason-and i've found one-it's just for our own good.Take Care.


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