Saturday, December 19, 2009



Just came back from watching THE AVATAR.

Overall,it was a Brilliant Movie!!awesome..But let me give you some preview about this movie-it's all about Alien vs Human,and they’re engaged in a battle on a planet called Pandora, populated by tall, blue-skinned, long-tailed aliens who are 'very hard to kill'..they work very hard to preserve their mother nature,which is under attack by sky people..

Not understand much??dont worry..Go watch it and you'll understand what i'm talking thing i love about this film-We see several moments of dialogue between these aliens, and their facial expressions are remarkably was beautifully done,Congratulations for James Cameron(Former Titanic Director).Not to mention,the graphic and CGI effect is Awesome!

4 out of 5 from me.Good Job!

*I was mesmerized by the bio-luminescent night-time flora and fauna - a veritable fairy-land of soft glow and breath-taking lights.if you enjoyed Transformers, Die Hard, or sci-fi movies in general, WATCH THIS MOVIE!


Pinangso Loro said...

dah 2 kali tengok dan masih kagum ya amattzzzzz...

@xiM said...

abang bear,

kagum dengan graphic nya kan..memang meletup sangat!

Anonymous said...

nak tonton rabu ni, tinggal 1st row di depan je. tanak. so, amek storm warrior dulu lah. next wed, nak amek cuti, nak enjoy the whole day! :)

@xiM said...


owh..ok..sila sila..layan ooo citer ni..rugi kalau tak tengok..:)


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