Monday, October 13, 2008

Of WinninG and LoseS

Time passes by but the direction's still Life personally getting chaotic than ever lately,makes my own 'room' quite Hectic and messed around..full with undone Questions and unfinished matters.I just realize that situation before it's too late to do so..Furthermore matter of heart is hard to address especially when your's is full of emptiness.

As da time goes by,i do realize that we are not getting younger..we re getting older and i should known this will come long time least i could prepare myself with something unexpectable along this journey..yup,i'm kinda lost right now..but that does'nt mean i have to stop and quit.

Because i dont want to be a quitter.i dont want to be a loser.i dont want to be black sheep in my family.I just want to make myself proud,and that is the way how others will proud of me..i should stop and think about that for a while... At least i noticed that i'm already surrounded by greatest FRIENDS,the best i ever had..Thanks for Bring the best in me,all this while.

Some said that you are better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not,yeah-i'm totally agreed with that,i do believe whatever happen just be yourself,and dont pretend to be like others..because at some point,you may not know who you truly are if you never stop living in fake and lie.As for me,i try my best to be just myself-the real me,and go ahead to hate my real self(if you think that's annoy you so much..)..Between,it's hard to make everybody satisfy right?

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
Hate me so you can finally see what's good for you.

*I know you gonna miss me when i'm gone,because you are so gonna be missed when you are not here,away from my life..i'm begging you to stay.Eventhough you hate me please stay,and don't just walked away.

**Gewd luck to my lil Bro,FAIZ that undergo PMR examination today..May the Force be With him,and i do believe that he could bring the better result later...we love you Bro!!


Inah said...

pa!! dont walk away from me pls!! :(

@xiM said...

Of couse i will not walk away from ur life...have faith in me k..


Dun Worry be happy..

amirul usheruff dzulkarnain said...

what comes around goes around...(tetiba kan..ahahaha)
just go with the flow...

@xiM said...

apa yang ko merapik ni syaitonn....(pinjam ayat haji bakhil satt..haha)

always go with the flow makes me become like this...geeezz...

Wanpetunjuk said...

Salam....wassup bro??? pun tgh mencari momentum untuk kembali bersemangat bekerja....hope to find it in few days...tak lah bosan sgt dok kat ofis....sesekali rindu sungguh pada sifat2 laut....

Aja2 fighting bro!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. A silent reader here.

This phase you are going thru is common with people our age.

Emptiness is most felt when you are free (ie, not occupied by something). I recommend that you attend basic English language classes. You definitely need to brush up on your grammar and stuff.

Good luck!

@xiM said...

Wan Hidayat,

i'm fine,Thank you...!!:)

@xiM said...


rasanya dah berkali kali saya ingatkan kalau anda silent reader at least sila tinggalkan nama anda supaya saya boleh memanggil anda dengan suatu panggilan..

terima kasih atas teguran dan nasihat kepada saya untuk memasuki kelas Inggeris...yaa,saya tahu my english is SUCK..

teruk dan tak boleh di bawa ke dalam peperiksaan,tapi motif penulisan ini lebih menumpukan kepada mesej yang nak di sampaikan,bukan nya Grammar dan stuff..

takper,yang penting audience paham apa yang saya cuba sampaikan..Insya ALlah i'll try to do somethinh to polish it..

Thanks for ur concern and do come again to my site,and last but not least i hope you do drop ur name here..


eqbalzack said...

konklusinye....carilah cinta secepat mungkin..hehehe

Faisal Admar said...

asal entry ni mcm sedih je axim? apa terjadi ni? stress ke?

Anonymous said...

good luck to faiz..n axim too..

Anonymous said...

i can and will always be the shoulder to cry on ..besfren..

pls don't keep it too long coz it will kill you slowly..

Anonymous said...

hidup ini penuh dgn pilihan kan? kadang kita rasa yang terbaik untuk kita, bukanlah terbaik untuk kita, begitulah jg sebaliknya.... kadang kita tak tau apa yang kita punya hinggalah kita kehilangannya... dan kadang kita tak tau apa yang kita hilang hinggalah kita menemukannya... :) hidup adalah sebuah perjalanan dan pencarian... ;)

Zoulkieflie said...

hi pa,kenapa ni..ade masalah ke?

andainyanya kita melakukan kesilapan pada tika ini,jadikan lah kesilapan tersebut sebagai kekuatan dan pendorong untuk diri kita agar tidak terus melakukan kesilapan yang sama di masa hadapan..

cheers pa..:)

MOLY said...

sangat mendalam ..
penuh makna ..

hope everything goes well axim
do take care


Ziana said...

ofkos im gonna miss u if u'r gone!!! :(

tc pa!

Anonymous said...

sayu je entry ni? atau tgh di masa gelap?

**good luck to FAIZ yer...

Inah said...

papa..thanks for d advice semalam :)..appreciate it :)

u take care!!

and trust me..start to practice writing in english..u have to do so in order too brush up ur vocabulary..

i know there are problems in grammar and subject verb agreement..guess what..we are not native speaker..english is our second thats normal..

what we can do is to practice!!

pa..i'm dong my research proposal for my PhD and guess what..i'm having the same problem too!!

the difference is people here encourage you to write while people in Malaysia always look for perfection

that is my two cents!!

if you want to have good have to practice :)

at least you have all the vocabulary in your head :)

not to worry k pa!!


PhD Candidate
University of Adelaide
School of Medicine :)

nazzman ibrahim said...

mcm askar plak kepala ko dalam pic tu hehehe

@xiM said...

Eqbal Zack,

carilah Cinta??hehe..saya enggan mencari cinta..biarlah ia datang sendiri bila masa ia mahu..:)


Faisal Admar,

takder masalah pun..masalah jiwa jer sket sket...i'm fine la dude,TQ..:)

@xiM said...


TQ...but you still not drop ur name here...mind you?



i know you will always be my bestfren,shoulder to cry on...i thank you so much for least i know i always got someone to talk to when needed..Thanks for being my frend..

@xiM said...


yup...hidup ni penuh dengan pilihan yang ada...sama ada pilihan itu baik atau buruk kita yang tentukan...maknay kita haruslah membuat keputusan yang bijak,atau jika sebaliknya kita memang mempertaruhkan seluruh kehidupan kita atas sesuatu keputusan yang kita dah buat...

Life is not that hard..make it easy and it will become more easier...


@xiM said...


pardon me buddy??jangan lakukan kesilapan sama di masa hadapan,dan jadikan pengajaran?

i think you should look into the mirror and repeat ur comment again..

then you will know exactly what i'm trying to say..

as long as we learning from dat mistakes we gonna be fine..but i still think there are people who never learn..

hmmmm just think about it.

@xiM said...


everything goes so well...Thanks for ur Concern ADEQ!!



u too take care...dont just walked away yaa...

@xiM said...


i'm just fine..u take care k..TQ for da wish for my lil bro...

@xiM said...


u are most welcome...len kali kita sembang lagi yek....nice to talk to you though...

there's a word that saying:

'practices makes perfect'

then someone ask me once:There's nobody perfect in this world,so why do you have to practice??haha..

i think the word 'perfect' maybe not so practical to used in that sentences,use the words ''much better'' sounds more good..hehe

anyway,i know dat learning is a long life journey and its will never end,so keep learning till da day i just couldnt take it anymore..

You take care ya!!

Good luck in Ur PHD iNAH!!




@xiM said...


kepala askar??haha...bleh la aku jadik komander in Cgief plak lepas nih...bleh tembak terrorist sekor sekor...

Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

Banyk sungguh konflik jiwa Azim ni yer... walau Abg tak sekuat yg disangka tapi bila berdepan dengan konflik jiwa... abang akan ketepi kan yg negatif atau yg terlalu subjektif tak clear betul salahnya... dan kekalkan yg positif dan membina...!!! only that!!!

NN said...

i have no idea wat is going on..
do you have any problem..??
mind to share..?? hehhhee.. though, i aint a good adviser, but i can be a good listener..

ohh, pls stay..!!

CATZ said...

hidup tak selalunya mendung..dan hidup juga tidak selalunya gembira..
that is life..


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