Thursday, July 31, 2008

Partial Solution


*ahhhhh...rasa segar sket kepala aku lepas minum mocha nih...HIDUP MESTI TERUS BEB!!

MomenT of TrutH

9.30 am

In the meeting room-attend the morning meeting

But my mind is not there.

Last evening conversation keep playing in my head...which is does kill me softly-


'Axim,come....there's a few things i need you to work on'-Mr.L,my so-called Boss did called me to his room

I'm so excited to see him since this is my final chances to get clarification about my leave status.

i walked into his room-and before i could say one word-

''ok,you listen..on 1,2,3,of August i'm gonna be in Port Dickson and in 4,5, and 6 next week i've got another meeting with CFO to attend at here's da deal-i'm sorry to say that you leave are not going to be approved since there's no stand by person at this station when i'm gone-and i'm sorry to say again you really have to cancel your trip-maybe some other trip may help you-i think later on i'm going to give you some other precious time to cpver up this matter''

Oh gosshhhh i knew this will coming..

''Boss,da thing is i'm already planned this important i was said before this may not sounds important to you..but it does to me..''

i still trying to beg him for mercy-trying to let him know how i want this so bad.

Before he could say anything,i continued:

''what about flight ticket-hotel booking-transportation booking-and everything's-''

Then My boss replied

''You have no choice-just cancelled it and i think that's gonna be ok-mmmm by da way how much does the flight ticket cost you??perhaps we could do something about it''

''Boss,listen...this aint about money or what..i just need to be there-just want to be with 'my family'-believe me,aint no price you can pay for that..'' i replied back..

In his Defense,Mr.L:

''You know what..i've got so much pressure from the top too...i also just couldn't understand why they did arrange everythings like did-in last minute called-i know this was hard for you to take it,but this is what we have to prioritize always comes first bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.......bla bla bla....

(i couldn't remember clearly what does he mumbling about because i'm already feel irritated with this 'lecturing')

Then i'm quickly tell him:

''What if i'm just going..because i dont think i could cancel this..''

(i just dont know what to say anymore..)

With smile on his face,he replied:

''Then you already know that our appraisal time is coming this next september right???i'm afraid that probably will effect Your KPI later on...''

-Short,simpe yet very threatening from that synical face.

As my boss started to talk about his AUTHORITY-i know this argument will lead to nowhere for me-and i know that i'm already lose...totally lose..

In a weak tone i just can said,

''well thank you...if you've said so looks like i've no other options then..''

It is so useless to drag myself into this Argument-because after all-HE'S DA BOSS-and Boss always right no matter what..



'If there is no other issues then i would like to adjourned this meeting' said our GM..

i'm awaked from the 'nightmare',and just realize that the morning meeting is over.

yeah,i'm a day dreamer...

Yet a fighter that already lose before he could FIGHT in the WAR.

So This Is it....

SHUT UP!!!!!

There you go
You're always so right
It's all a big show
It's all about you

You think you know
What everyone needs
You always take time
To criticize me

It seems like everyday
I make mistakes
I just can't get it right

It's like I'm the one
You love to hate
But not today

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it

Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

There you go
You never ask why
It's all a big lie
Whatever you do

You think you're special
But I know, and I know
And I know, and we know
That you're not

You're always there to point
Out my mistakes
And shove them in my face

It's like I'm the one
You love to hate
But not today

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way

Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down
Is gonna bring me down

Will never bring me down

Don't tell me who I should be
And don't try to tell me what's right for me
Don't tell me what I should do
I don't wanna waste my time
I'll watch you fade away

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

Shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

Bring me down
{shut up, shut up, shut up}
Won't bring me down
{shut up, shut up, shut up}
Bring me down
{shut up, shut up, shut up}
Won't bring me down

Shut up, shut up, shut up !!!!


*Yeahh.....i know this is useless....useless at all to keep mocking him and keep blaming him on this-because there's nothing much i can do now,except just trying to accept da fact that our BIG PLAN has been ruined...ruined at all...Thank you so much!! thanks to you my LOVELY BOSS for letting me know that i've already brOKE my family(YKWYA) members heart...i'm so sorry guys...:(


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

YesterdaY EveninG

Pi jalan-jalan kat Gurney Plaza

Singgah kat Auntie Anne Pretzel

Beli Peanut Butter Pretzel ngan Ginger stick
Then pi minum minum kat 1901 boleh?
Orange juice for me and Iced Lemon tea for her

We did ordered Hotdog with sauce
Peanut Butter Pretzel

Ginger Stick

Then pi lepak lepak kat tepian Gurney tuh
(*i like this picture..)
Depan area G-Hotel

Till the day give way to the nite..
When da nite was came
Lepaking at StarBucks
Located at E-Gate
To enjoy the Hot Chocolate

and Browsing the Internet
While another party busy studying...
(Just so you know Anies on her own way to get MA at USM)

Bloghop till drop!!

"Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing".

*YKWYA,miss you all so much!!!

Peristiwa Malam Tadi

Tadi berakhir perlawanan antara Chelsea Menentang pasukan Malaysia-Chelsea menang 2-0...hmmm malas la nak ulas lebih lebih...takdak mood sangat..

Oh ya....esok merupakan hari sambutan Israk dan Mikraj...

ISRAK dan Mikraj satu peristiwa paling agung yang berlaku di bulan Rejab, setahun sebelum penghijrahan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. ke Madinah.

Peristiwa Israk dan Mikraj bukan hanya sekadar sebuah kisah sejarah yang diceritakan kembali setiap kali 27 Rejab menjelang. Adalah lebih penting untuk kita menghayati pengajaran di sebalik peristiwa tersebut bagi meneladani perkara yang baik dan menjauhi perkara yang tidak baik. Peristiwa Israk dan Mikraj yang memperlihatkan pelbagai kejadian aneh yang penuh pengajaran seharusnya memberi keinsafan kepada kita agar sentiasa mengingati Allah dan takut kepada kekuasaan-Nya.

Untuk bacaan yang lebih,klik sini.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When Its Over...

Get involved with Internal Quality Audit Training for Quality Mangement System(ISO9001:2000).Start at 8.30 am and ended up till 5.30 pm...fuhhhh....

and the course begin
some faces of the training participants
Lucky that they did provide mineral Water(specially imported from TESCO) and KOPIKO,useful agent to keep me awake..

and we break for the Breakfeast at 10.30 am
what an oily Kuey Tiow yet tasty and delicious!!hmmm cholesterol!!

and the course continued..
Too much words makes me so sleepy...
But still try to make sure i've got the understanding about this course..
and when the lunch time arrived

Does this will help me to reduce my weight a lil bit??
Course continued after lunch time and solat zohor
WHAT????another makan makan arrr at 4 pm??haiyaaaa......
Kuih Kasturi and Cucur Badak
Certificate Delivery to the Participants after the training is OVER..

Yeeeeayyyy finally i've got another chances to makes my certificates file more thicker..Thanks to Tuan Haji Mazlan Musa as our Consultants as per today..We do paid a higher price to get him in..(regarding to our Human Resource Manager)

*Guess what..eventhough the course is over but now i'm stll in my office-have to settle up all the routine chores before things will get messy and messier..hmppphhhhhh.....Can somebody come and help me out here???

Worst Day EveR

Damn it!!!

Pagi ni aku terjaga lambat!

Shit!!aku benci gila kalau terbangun lambat di hari bekerja...sebab nya sudah pasti aku akan mulakan hari dengan kelam kabut..

Bangun-mandi ,gosok gigi ala kadar-pakai baju(sib baik da gosok semalam),-start motor then terus pecut(kalau naik kereta mampus la aku stuck atas jambatan tuh)-bawak motor macam giler,cilok sana cilok sini(dah la hampir hampir nak accident.mainatian 110km/h bleh??)-sampai opis punch pukul 7.59!!!!!phewwwwww nasib baik sempat.....

tapi seriously i hate this.

*semalam da tidur awal tak sempat nak bloghop(tidor awal pun boleh bangun lambat???isskkk)...nanti hari ni kalau ada kelapangan aku meninggalkan jejak nanti kat blog korang...Insya Allah...Dari semalam ngan hari ni ada kursus ISO9000:Quality Management System...tu yang tak berapa sempat nak update blog dan jengah blog korang...nanti ada masa free skit aku curi curi singgah..haha


Monday, July 28, 2008

BubaR DaN GabunG

'kalu payoh sangat kita bubar belaka dua dua parti,umno bubar dan pas pun bubar,kita bentuk parti gabungan baru,tetapi mesti berdasarkan islam semestinya dan bukan perjuangan bangsa sahaja yang jadi keutamaan,tetapi Islam itu sendiri perlu di beri keutamaan'

itu kata kata Tuan Guru Nik ziz Nik Mat.(tengok dalam Buletin Utaman malam tadi)

Pembubaran Parti???

hmmmm sesuatu yang sangat sukar untuk diterima oleh Pakatan Rakyat.Pakatan Rakyat terdiri dari kerjasama PAS,KEADILAN dan DAP.

Kerjasama itu diasaskan kepada kesamaan dalam misi menegak keadilan, menentang akta yang zalim, penyellewengan dan kerana itu PAS sanggup bersama komponen parti Pakatan Rakyat walaupun berbeza dari segi ideologi

Berhubungan dengan cadangan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz ,Pengerusi DAP-Karpal Singh terus menyelar cadangan tersebut -menyuarakan kebimbangan dan mula meragui pembabitan PAS dengan Pakatan Rakyat.

Isu ini pasti mendapat perhatian dari pelbagai pihak namun perlu diingatkan ianya masih di peringkat cadangan,..lagipun nak ke UMNO bergabung dengan PAS?????

i just dont think so..

*seciput pandangan dari orang yang cetek ilmu politik.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review:Sex and The City

Hari jumaat baru ni aku pi tengok wayang ngan Ziana..kitorang nonton Cerita Sex and The City..citer ni 18 PL yer anak anak...kalau tak lebih umur 18 tahun lagi anda tak di benarkan untuk menonton sebab ia nya punyai unsur unsur seks yang tiada keterlaluan,haha..

Tiket wayang pukul 12.00 malam...tapi masa nih seat full so aku ngan ziana kena duk seat asing asing..aku seat B05 dan dia nyer seat D14....takper lah,janji satu tayangan kan..tapi hall pun lain lain yer kak non??hahaha...kantoi di situ...kahkahkah..

Kendian tetiba ziana nyer sweater tertinggal plak kat kereta so dia mau turun pi amik sat..aku tunggu dalam wayang tersnap plak gambor sendirik..

haaaa da amik pun sweater tuh...uikss saper amik gambar hang nih..kan aku da dalam panggung tadik???ishhh musykil musti suh orang yang duk kaga tiket tu snap kan?kan?kan?


neber mine lah...moh aku nak wat review sket pasal citer yang aku kira boleh tahan laa untuk tontonan mereka mereka yang dah berumur tapi berjiwa jom kita layan....zasss...




Filem 'Sex and the City' merupakan filem komedi romantik adaptasi dari HBO komedi series-mengisahkan mengenai empat wanita bersahabat yang tinggal di bandar New York.Banyak menyentuh perihal romance dan seksualiti.Dan cerita ini di garap selepas 4 tahun dari sekuel yang asal.

CARIE-seorang penulis yang sedang hangat bercinta dengan John James Preston aka Mr.Big ,yang mana di permulaan cerita mereka di lihat sedang meninjau sebuah pent house untuk di beli.Bimbang jika terjadi apa apa di antara mereka,Carie merasakan bahawa mereka perlu berkahwin dan Mr.Big bersetuju dengan cadangan tersebut.Namun di hari perkahwinan apa yang di rancang tidak menjadi,masa ni Scene yang paling best bila Carie pukul Mr.Big ngan jambangan Bunga sampai hancur berkecai..memang kesian sangat kat dia time tuh...wowowowo...Carie akhirnya pergi bercuti bersama 3 orang rakannya yang lain ke MEXICO..untuk mengubat hati yang lara.

MIRANDA-Seorang yang berkarier(peguam) dan seringkali cuba mencari keseimbangan dalam rumah tangganya bersama suaminya,Steve.Kesibukan menghalang mereka melakukan seks dan Miranda sendiri mengakui di hadapan kawan kawan nya yang dia dah tak bersama ngan Hubby dia selama 6 bulan!!!huiyyoooo lama tuh...boleh gersang wooo suami kalau camtuh...takan nak main sendiri kot..kahkah....last last Steve tidur ngan pompuan lain dan Miranda tersentap lalu meninggalkan Steve..Tapi Steve berulang kali memohon kemaafan...akhirnya setelah mendapat pujukan dan gesaan teman teman mereka kembali bersama....TO FORGIVE IS TO FORGET,REMEMBER???

SAMANTHA-wanita yang tinggal di Los Angeles dan menetap bersama seorang usahawan TV yang berjaya,Smith...dia punya segalnya-wang,seks yang hebat,namun sentiasa merasakan sesuatu hilang ataupun kurang dari hidupnya..Dia sayang kat Smith,namun akhirnya bertindak memutuskan hubungan yang tak pasti tuh..maybe life is not just about living happily ever after...untuk cerita samntha nih aku paling tak lupa masa dia sibuk wat sushi dan buh sushi all over her naked body sementara tunggu Smith balik umah di Hari Valentine...malangnya Smith lewat 3 jam..samnatha kecewa dan menyambut kepulangan Smith dengan lontaran Home made Sushi...kahkahkah..

CHARLOTTE-Wanita yang bahagia dengan perkahwinannya dengan Harry,mempunyai seorang anak angkat bernama Lily(bukan lily ini okeh..haha)..part nih kelakar bila diorang try bercakap tentang seks depan si lily ni dan menggantikan perkataan seks dengan kaler....'Big sentiasa mewarna dengan mantap'..boleh?????..Di akhir cerita Charlotte mengandung dan mendapat Baby girl yang dinamakan Rose.

LOUIS(Jenninifer Hudson)-sebagai pelakon Tambahan dan menyumbangkan vokal untuk soundtrack bagi filem ini.memegang watak sebagai pembantu peribadi bagi Carie cintanya yang tersendiri.

Carie akhirnya berkahwin jua ngan Mr.Big setelah dia mendapati Big ada menghantar emel emel dan kata kata cinta kepadanya,actually Big jadi ragu ragu nak kawen sebab masa malam rehearsal diorang Miranda yang baru bergaduh ngan Steve kata kat dia-'korang dua orang ini sudah gila sebab mahu kahwen!!sebab perkahwinan merosakkan segalanya!!!'..tu yang dia berubah fikiran di hari dia patut kawen tuh.

Filem berakhir dengan empat wanita sekawan yang duk makan kat meja,sambil meraikan hari jadi Samantha yang ke 50..


Happy ending la nih kiranya.....




Keseluruhannya filem ni ringan dan straight to the point...tak yah nak berat berat kepala memikirkan apa yang berlaku just layankan ajer.....kalau korang tak pernah tengok sekuel siri cerita ni before this pun sure korang boleh faham jalan cerita nya.


Its all about life-marriage,sex,fling,and friendship..


Aku kasi 3.5 out of 5


Kak Non kasi 4 out of 5..


erkkk macam ada orang nangis jer tengok cerita nih..kahkah..siapakah orang itu...cepat ngaku!!


*So aku rasa kalau korang minat cerita cerita kekeluargaan dan persahabatan macam nih sila lah jengah pawagam yang berdekatan...tak rugi tengok untuk habiskan msa di hujung minggu yang terluang tuh...opsss lupa nak cakap filem ni macam lama jugak-2 jam 28 minit masa tayangan..tapi it does worth it....


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