Tuesday, November 26, 2013


My Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013 race report.

We stayed at B-suite hotel bayan baru. Not quite far from queensbay mall where the race begin. At 1am 17 November 2013 (after kak tie's small birthday celebration), we went to the starting point and caught up in a massive traffic jammed due to the most of main road already closed for the event purpose. Lucky that we still got a parking spot at the qb mall basement parking and after that we quickly get to the starting point. Don't want to be late and not enough stretching before the race begin. Azuan and kak tie in the half marathon category, che'burn and I- full marathon category.

At starting point, I met Noor Izwah Mahdar, Sam Mahdar , Faiez Buer , Aizat Ahmad , azmi, and a few other runners. We took photo together 5 minutes before the full marathon flag off at 2am, and wish each others good luck! By the way,che' burn doing his first full marathon. There you go che' burn!

And the race begin.

I tell myself not to speed up for the entire 42km. just want to Maintain my pace around 6.30 min/km and try my best to be comfort with this pace. Long way to go. Because speed is all about consistency. At the first 5km met Shah Shazharn and louis. Entering the penang bridge, quite windy and the drizzly rain makes me cold. Up till 24km, I still maintain the same pace and at this time I clocked 2 hours 24 minutes. And I know I'm in the middle of pacer 4.30 and 5.00. All along, keep competing with Ford frodo, zarul Azuan , and Khamrul Rasyid . Most of the time they were ahead of me.

At km 25, suddenly I stop running. Stretched my right leg. A bit pain. And that's when the mental block occurred. I continued run, but getting slower. As the pacer 5.00 pass me by, I knew that I'm not gonna be able to catch them up. I've tried. But eventually the 5.00 pacer balloon disappear. I didn't try hard enough to fight the voice within me that told me to stop. My other mistake when I load myself with vsoy milk at water station. It cause my stomach start to growl.. but I keep holding on.

Bumped with faiez at km25.

He experienced pain at his knee due to activities before the race. I just hope he gonna be just fine and still able to finish the race.Thanks for captured my photo anyway in the middle of the penang bridge. Sometimes when you too focus to something that you do you forgot to have fun with things that you do. So from km 26 onwards I keep telling myself not to take this too hard. And that's when my I initial target from 'i want to finish the race below 5 hours' changed to 'I just want to finish this race within cutoff time, and without injury!'.it's funny how my mind always keep bargaining with a matter like this.

At Km 27.

My pace from 6.30min/km drop to 7.45min/km. I run. And stop. Run. And stop. After a long pause (just walk for almost 1km) Suddenly, there's an 'angel' came and grab my hand. He told me to keep running and never give up. At least try to finish up till km30. With that, sobri and I start to run together. No need to go fast, but have to keep running with a slow pace. There you go. In a time like this, I really need a moral support to cheer me up. To lift me up. Sob just become the perfect person at this time to give me that. Thank you so much sob!

We keep running until km 33. The water station was quite good enough I presumed. Maybe lack of 100 plus but it's ok. And Because the route is u-turn basis, we can simply recognised a few of runners from the other side. Fast runners sub 4.30 - Faisal, Rashid Rmr , Shaiful Zakaria, Midy Saleh , shamroslee, Mohd Mustafa , Aizulartamir Azman (just name a few).good job you guys!. Met kasturie as well. He become a pacer for his friend. And he gave me a words - I look so fat after get married! Haha. Couldn't agree more. I will try to lose some weight after this. Noted!

While sob and I want to make u-turn at km33 after fed ourself with banana, we bumped with Romzy Liu II and quite surprised why he was so slow. Apparently he lost his contact lense and had a problem with knee. He then decided to joined us and we ran together. Having chit chat and sobri sing a song (loud and clear) makes me forget about the foot pain. At km38, we stop by at nearest shell station to perform subuh prayer because it's already 6.30am. Almost 30 minutes we spent our time here. Not to mentioned, In front of the shell station there's a pasukan bomba dan penyelamat with tbeir big pipe hose and mist the atmosphere - just like a cooling zone for all runners.

Another 4 km left before the race is over.

Romzy and Sobri keep pushing me to go slow and try to catch up with their pace. Thanks romzy for some running tips and for the energy gel as well. Mango flavour and It was tasty, considering I never try to consume energy gel in the previous race events. and for the last 2 km, both of them struggle to finish the race before we clocked 6 hours for FM. And here I am, on my own again and keep moving.

The crowd before the finishing line was so overwhelming. For the last 1 km, I run and run and run slowly, and of course I didn't forget to put a big smile on my face even though both of my feet is hurt. The pain is temporary but the pride is forever! So I gave my best shot in front of any camera ahead. I learned my lesson - you don't want to look ugly at the finishing line.

As I ran on the red carpet, I knew it's already over. The race is over. And I clocked 6 hours 4 minutes. Sobri and romzy did their sub 6 hours with 5.59. Thanks again to both of you!! It's true when they said the miracle is not when I can finally finished the race, but when I had the courage to start. This is not as easy as it may seem. 42.195 km is not easy. Nobody told me this was easy. But I know it's gonna worth it. To finish my 5th FM (so far) is quite good enough for me. Another finisher medal and finisher tee collected.

Congratulations azim ashaary! I'm proud with myself.
Congratulations che' burn on your first FM.(he even got better timing than me)
Congratulations Faiez to finish the entire 42.195 km despite of his injury, 5 minutes away before they pulled off the red carpet.(cutoff time - 7 hours)
Congratulations to all full marathon runners, you guys inspired others!
Congratulations kak tie for your PB in this half marathon.
Congratulations dr.shah, for keep trying to finish the race but DNF at km21.(the effort that matter)

And most of all, congratulations to all runners whether you did 10km, 21, or 42 km. Keep running and never give up! It's good to met again with familiar faces at finishing line. And as usual, photo session would not be missed by any chance!

See you guys again in Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 tentatively at 16 November 2014.

Insya Allah on the brand new Penang Bridge

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Its a New Day.

Syukur Alhamdulillah pada Tuhan yang masih memberikan kita kesempatan untuk bernafas dan terus hidup di atas muka buminya. Dari Kuala Terengganu (11 November 2013) ke tempat kerja aku lebih kurang 1 jam setengah. so jam 6am dah bertolak. kira nya waktu sampai ngam ngam sahaja. sempat lah tukar baju di Petronas Dungun. kira cincai saja mana yang sempat. Lelaki senang. Tukar baju jer da siap.

Lepas da abis kerjaa. macam biasa lah. aku terus ke Dungun dulu ambik Kak Ina, Nurul dan Najihah untuk sama sama ke Kuala Terengganu Specialist. Abang Shuk masih di tahan di sana. so sampai di KT we decide untuk beli A&W di pantai batu burok. as part of the birthday celebrations. Nurul bukan main sibuk nak bergambar sana sini. kalah dah pok zim nya ni.

Kononnya nak buat suprise lah beli A&W. sekali bila sampai KTS diorang dah ada plan nak makan steamboat di Restoran Makang Sekak sekak nok. so what to do. tak makan dulu lah A&W ni..kami lah pulak yang tersuprise. nasib baik diorang tak bergerak lagi. so keluar dulu dengan diorang..nasib baik nurse bagi permission untuk abang Shuk keluar makan-makan. sporting abes. maybe sebab tak berapa serius so takde hal sangat nurse nak lepas abang shuk keluar. so lets makan the best buffet in town!(kata mereka)

First time nak try makan di Restoran ni.

The first impression not quite welcoming. macam tak berapa nak jaga kualiti jer aku tengok. bayar satu kepala dalam RM23 sorang. Buffet style. patut diorang kena improve kan lagi the way they susunatur makanan. ni macam ala ala cincai jer.

ambik barang barang untuk steamboat dan BBQ

 Orang sakit makan aiskrim

Nuyul dan mokna. Najihah pun ada skali

Pok zim dan cikja

Konsep Buffet steamboat dan BBQ ni dah banyak kalau belah belah KL sana. kat sini macam tak banyak restoran yang ada macam ni. so mungkin persaingan kurang thats why diorang ambik mudah pada sesetengah perkara. Takpe lah. bersyukur dengan rezeki yang Allah beri. itu yang lagi penting.

Birthday boy celebration

Overall just ok lah this restaurant. maybe kami datang dah lewat so semua makanan yang ada pun banyak dah habis. sepatutnya untuk buffet style makanan adalah tidak dibenarkan untuk habis. ada lah a few issue lagi tapi dah tegur pada tokey kedai tu. hopefully they will try to solve the issues. Bukan nak kondem tapi nak membetulkan. Dari restooran ni terus kami ke Kuala Terengganu Specialist semula.

sampai KTS makan Coney Dog A&W pula

Mak dah tak larat dan mengantuk. terus berbaring atas toto. tidur sebelah cucu. Najihah ni dah semakin besar. dah pandai buat mimik muka. tak lama lagi mesti nakal jugak macam kakak dia. hehe..

Dekat jam 11pm jugak baru aku dan kak ina bergerak dari KTS untuk pulang ke rumah. kalau aku sorang boleh jer nak tido terus kat sini tapi sebab datang skali dengan kak ina so have to go back jugak lah. dengan baby kecik tu. mana boleh baby stay di Wad malam malam. Maka berakhirlah satu hari lagi yang bermakna bersama keluarga. 

Jumpa lagi esok!

*Hidup kita ni macam ni lah. adakala kita akan berada di atas. adakala kita akan berada di bawah. walau apa sekalipun kena tabah dan sabar mengharungi hari agar kita tidak rebah dan tesungkur di tengah jalan, jangan mudah mengalah. yakin dan percaya Allah akan sentiasa ada untuk kita.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Kisah 10 November 2013

Sewaktu aku berada di Miri, Abang Shuk dari Offshore telefon suruh ambik dia di airport kerteh. dia tetiba demam panas dan sukar untuk bernafas sebab tonsil membengkak. aku masih di Miri, Nasib baik Ami ada di rumah. Maka ami dan mak pergi ambil abang shuk di Airport Kerteh. keadaan tak berapa bagus, Abg. Shuk terus dikejarkan ke Kuala Terengganu Specialist dengan Ambulans. 

So hari itu aku kerja. baru sampai kemasek dalam jam 3am dari KL. then kerja sampai jam 5pm, then terus menuju ke Kuala Terengganu untuk melawat Abang Shuk di KTS. Mak dah ada di sana sebab mak naik ambulans sama sama. so dari Kemasek aku, kak ija dan Ami tiga orang bergerak sekali. sempat singgah di Dungun sebab aku minta tolong kak Ina belikan Kek Black Forest untuk Abang Shuk. Bukan kek sebab masuk wad. tapi kek hari lahir nya pada 11 November. early celebration lah kiranya. Jumpa baby Najihah dah pandai senyum dah. so adorable! hehe

Its a birthday cake. tapi 2 in 1 jadi kek get well soon jugak.

Sampai KTS dalam jam 9.30pm. agak lewat juga lah. so apa lagi. Supriseeeeeeeee!!! Selamat Ulangtahun kelahiran buat Abang Shuk yang kami semua sayang. walau apa terjadi kami sekeluarga tetap akan sentiasa ada menyokong mu dari belakang. Family tetap akan sentiasa ada. Insya Allah.. Selamat hari lahir. Moga makin soleh. moga makin berkat dalam kehidupan dan moga Allah sentiasa melimpahkan rahmat dan kurnianya pada anda sekeluarga. 

‘I remember your pranks, I haven’t told anybody, How you used to hit me hard, But that was part of growing up fun, Happy birthday bro, Always be the number one! - See more at:
Ni lah teman bergaduh aku masa kecik. teman yang selalu buli aku. siap pernah baling susu cap junjung atas kepala aku sampai berdarah kepala. i used to hate him so much. yes i hate him so much in the past. but as we grow old and god grace, i know that i love you so much my bro! you mean everything's to me. take care coz i do care about you. i wish you to have a happy life. Insya Allah..
‘I remember your pranks, I haven’t told anybody, How you used to hit me hard, But that was part of growing up fun, Happy birthday bro, Always be the number one! - See more at:
‘I remember your pranks, I haven’t told anybody, How you used to hit me hard, But that was part of growing up fun, Happy birthday bro, Always be the number one! - See more at:
‘I remember your pranks, I haven’t told anybody, How you used to hit me hard, But that was part of growing up fun, Happy birthday bro, Always be the number one! - See more at:

Sambut birthday abang shuk pun dalam keadaan tergesa gesa sebab nak hantar Ami balik ke KL naik bas. naik bas di Hentian Bas Kuala Terengganu. tak jauh dari KTS. 5 minit jer perjalanan. Aku, Kak Ija dan Mak yang hantar. then we going back to the hospital again. Malam ni kami semua bermalam di Hospital sahaja. aku dah bawak baju kerja siap siap. so esok  pagi terus ke tempat kerja sahaja di Paka.

Bila tidur di Hospital, kenangan lama menjelma semula. kenangan tidur di Hospital waktu ayah sakit. kenangan di Hospital Kuala Lumpur. How HKL sudah menjadi rumah kedua kami. setiap hujung minggu akan aku turun dan lawat ayah. beli makanan di kampung bharu. makan sama sama. tidur di situ. hmmmmmm. malas nak cerita panjang. kang air mata jatuh pula. 

ok dah.

Sanah helwah abang shukry!!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Ok nak sambung lagi Trip ke Miri hari ke dua.


Subuh awal kat sini. pukul 6 pagi dah cerah. plan nya lepas solat subuh nak beriadah dan lari. konon nak lari 10 km. tapi 5 km jer dapat. takpe lah. janji dapat mileage jugak. Kami ke Taman Bulatan Miri. First time datang sini. Taman di tengah bulatan bandar Miri.

it always good to see other peoples running!!

dapat lah 5 km jer mileage. cukup lah tu.

 jom cari sarapan pagi pulak

My friend decide nak bawak makan pagi kat area kampung melayu. lalu di jambatan piasau. kalau tak silap dulu one way. sekarang dah two way. if i'm not mistaken lah. katanya ada buaya ya. haha

Bihun Goreng sedap

Di restoran ni terkenal dengan mee jawa. aku order lah mee jawa. tapi kuahnya ada tulang daging lembu. hmmm. tak minat. so memang makan tak habis. kongsi bihun jer lah ngan my friend. dia pun tak minat mee jawa. sedap jer kalau anda penggemar daging lembu.

sayap ayam goreng. wallah!!

Kucing kat miri high standard sangat. tak makan ikan, makan ayam je.

 Depan this restoran ada golf course.

Oleh kerana trip ni tak dirancang, so main redah jer lah apa yang ada depan mata. nampak signboard Lambir National Park, terus jer kitorang masuk ke sini. tak pernah sampai lagi. Boleh la mengisi masa lapang daripada duk lepak tengok tv atau di shopping mall. boleh gak keluarkan peluh.

so this is peler kambing??

ada jambatan gantung juga

Dalam ni ada waterfall. namanya Latak waterfall. agak sedih la tengok waterfall nya. ni je ke ada di Miri? heheheee.  takpe. janji ada kan. boleh mandi juga kalau nak. actually dah siap siap bawak baju persalinan in case nak mandi. tapi tengok waterfall macam ni terus mood turn off. huhu

taknak mandi. tapi bergambar itu wajib.

Ada satu lagi waterfall kat sini. Nibong waterfall. tapi perlu mendaki sikit. naik tangga yang mencanak. oleh kerana dah pernah gi naik Gunung Kinabalu, so setakat trekking macam ni takder masalah lah. Bukan berlagak. takde faedah pun nak berlagak. just bagitahu keadaan nya. easy jer trekking kat sini. tak perlu kan guide. 

at Nibong Waterfall. pun sedih juga. hihi

Di Nibong Waterfall, jumpa dua mamat omputess ni. traveler dari amsterdam. buat tour Asia katanya. lepas ni akan ke Kuala Lumpur dan Penang. so ada lah modal nak bersembang. tapi slang yang baju kuning tu sangat lah british. but still boleh difahami. nice to meet both of you!

sebelum jam 12 tengahari kitorang sempat setelkan jungle trekking di sini. now its time to go home. actually dari bandar miri quite jauh jugak nak ke Lambir National Park ni. around 40 minit drive. mmmm. something happened. takpe lah, tak perlu diceritakan di sini. apa yang dah berlaku tetap berlaku. pandang ke hadapan dan yakin lah perancangan Allah itu paling terbaik untuk diri kita, Aku sentiasa percaya itu.

Sampai di Bandar Miri singgah solat zuhur dan jamak asar skali di Masjid Taqwa Miri. Cnatik masjid ni. lantai berkilat kilat. mandi dan segarkan badan. kalau ikut cuaca memang sedap tido lah.memang sempat take a nap pun dalam 15 minit kat sini. lepas terjaga terus rasa lapar.

untuk lunch Restoran Warung Puteri we go

i got a feedback from the facebook one of my friend suh makan ikan tahai di Miri. aku wonder what is ikan tahai. so belek dalam menu ada menu nasi goreng ikan tahai di sini. so order lah nasi goreng ikan tahai. actually ikan tahai ni macam ikan tamban. adik beradik ikan bilis cuma lebih besar. sedap jugak. rangup. Teringat aritu gi Kuching makan nasi goreng buah dabai. macam macam lah kan.

The killer menu here - Ayam bakar berempah warung puteri. tempting!!

singgah beli ikan terubuk masin. mahal. kalau beli kat kuching lagi murah. agaknya yang kat sini pun ambik di Kuching tu yang mahal. beli dalam 3 ekor jer. ambik buat syarat datang sarawak.

Kek lapis di Miri. Habibi shop. Pun lebih mahal kek lapis di sini dari di Kuching. satu RM20. kalau di Kuching cuma RM10 satu batang kek tu. takpe. beli lah jugak 3. 

Then kami terus ke Everly Hotel. Tempat berlansungnya Triathlon . Abang Shah dan abang bear pun ada skali. Abang Shah join this Triathlon. memang best lah tengok. this is my dream for next year. nak join triathlon. kena kemaskan skill berenang. have to start from now. banyak nya lah mender nak buat tahun depan. nak travel macam biasa, nak ambik lesen dive, nak buat ultra marathon, nak buat dualthlon, dan nak buat triathlon. ambitious tak?nothing is impossible!

Ombak sangat kuat pada masa triathlon ni di adakan. so organizer cancelkan swimming. just berbasikal dan berlari sahaja. jadi dualthlon la pulak. takpe. yang penting semua dapat habiskan. memang lah so tempting tengok orang masuk triathlon ni. kena ada proper training baru leh join. Insya Allah next year!! Tahniah kepada Abang Shah dan semua peserta Triathlon yang berjaya menghabiskan acara.

Alang-alang dah ada di sini kami swimming dulu. swimming suh abang bear ajar skill baru. dulu 2 tahun lepas pun abang bear yang ajar aku buat breast stroke kat swimming pool area rumahnya. now nak belajar buat free style pulak. jenuh nak sampai kalau duk buat breast stroke.  

Baru jer masuk dalam swimming pool tak sampai sepuluh minit, jari aku injured. terlanggar kayu tepi dinding dalam swimming pool. pecah kuku dan berdarah kat dalam. pelajaran terpaksa dihentikan. so we called it off. terus naik ke atas untuk rawatan susulan. abang shah kan doktor. tapi dia tengok ni pun dia seram. so how? heheee

Balik bilik, mandi dan bersihkan luka di jari. pedih memang la pedih. tapi yang penting berjaya keluarkan serpihan kayu bawah kuku. kang takut ada infection pulaak.. rest rest sekejap sebelum check out untuk bertolak pulang.. Flight jam 7.15pm 6.30pm kena ada di airport dah.

Dari Everly Hotel singgah sebentar di Pantai Tanjung Lobang

hello Miri. Its me again.

Allah jualah yang menjadikan langit terangkat tinggi dengan tiada bertiang sebagaimana yang kamu melihatnya, kemudian Ia bersemayam di atas Arasy; dan Ia memudahkan matahari dan bulan (untuk faedah makhluk-makhlukNya) tiap-tiap satu dari keduanya beredar untuk suatu masa yang telah ditetapkan. Allah jualah yang mentadbirkan segala urusan; Ia menerangkan tanda-tanda kekuasaanNya satu-persatu, supaya kamu yakin kepada pertemuan Tuhan kamu (untuk menerima balasan).

(Ar-Ra'd 13:2)

Ombak kuat menggila

just me myself and i

Kids play by the beach

watching the sunset. but the cloud is too thick.. this is the best shot for today

Here's come the best part. since this trip is unplanned, i dont expect to see all of this familiar faces in Miri. Turns out all of my friends in Miri (or most of them) showed up. Abang Bear dan Abang Shah tetiba dari Kota Kinabalu pun ada di Miri. Wan Hidayat lama tak jumpa kebetulan balik dari offshore. Farid bersama isteri dan anak pun tiba tiba nak ke Pantai Tanjung Lobang petang ni. Nikli pun memang duk ada kerja di sini tak balik ke Penang. what a great coincidence! Terima Kasih Allah atas pertemuan ini. Kami makan makan dan minum minum kejap di tepi medan selera.

Makan dan minum lite lite

Dalam jam 6.15pm Nikli hantar aku ke Airport. Thanks Bro! ngam ngam jer sampai terus masuk ke pintu pelepasan. dah siap check in awal awal lagi. Maka berakhirlah trip singkat aku 2 hari 1 malam di Miri. Dalam flight sempat merasa makan mee goreng mamak air asia, menu baru depa on board. ok jugak lah taste nya. quite delicious. Bila sampai di KL aku drive balik ke kemasek, Kemaman sorang sorang. esok nya kerja. memang lah quite penat. but this is how i live my life. aku rasa macam takk best kalau tak buat something yang memenatkan badan. takpe i will try to manage and balance my lifestyle. tak nak lah memudaratkan diri sendiri later. badan nak pakai lama kan.

So tu jer lah yang aku dapat kongsikan buat masa sekarang.

Stay healthy and stay positive my friends!

Till my fingers meet the keyboard again.


(For now)


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