Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Salam semua..

Sejujurnya saya sangat rindu untuk berkongsi pengalaman saya travel di halaman ini. Rindu dengan kawan kawan blog semua. saya kerap juga bertandang menjadi silent reader kalian. Tapi entah kenapa sekarang masa begitu suntuk dan tidak mengizinkan untuk saya update entry baru.. lebih banyak senang berkongsi di Muka Buku sahaja.. kerana ianya lebih mudah dan pantas.

Tapi saya tetap suka kan Blog.

Kerana ianya sentiasa eksklusif bagi saya.

Tak apa. ada kesempatan saya akan update perkembangan terkini. Banyak perubahan baru yang saya rasa perlu berkongsi. banyak perkara positif. ada juga perkara sedih. tapi kenapa perlu kita fokus pada perkara sedih sedangkan banyak lagi hal lain yang boleh buat kita gembira kan?

Baru kembali dari trip ke Melbourne dan Sydney Australia.

Tak sabar nak mengarang cerita berkongsi rasa dan pengalaman di Negara Kangaroo itu.

Till later folks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


3 things that I'm grateful for today:

1) I'm grateful for the invention of vending machine. Thanks for those who invented it. At sydney airport this morning, I'm having fun 'playing' with this machine. Of course i have to pay to get what i want but at least i love to see the robotic 'hand' grab a water bottle according to the number that i chose. I ended up bought 3 bottles of water just to watch this machine operates. It's funny how silly thing like this very joyful to me.

2) I'm grateful to be able to let an old uncle that queed up at the toilet in KLIA2 arrival hall to use the toilet first. Yes according to all people that waiting outside the toilet i should be the one who goes in when the toilet is vacant. But i let that uncle because he seems really need it at that time. And that's kinda cool because i still can hold mine. Doing good to other's unconsciously give us a good feeling anyway.

3) I'm grateful that the bus from TBS delayed for an hour. It's not something that we all want but when it happened we have no control about it. So just accept it and use the time wisely. At least within that one hour delayed i had a chance to perform prayer and charge my smartphone so i could deliver this status to my FB friends. In a bad things there's always a good thing lie beneath it. We just have to change the way we think about the situation. You'll be surprised how it will change your life if you do so.

Ok that's 3 for today. Of course I'm so grateful to have a safe flight landing from sydney to Kuala Lumpur but since I've already mentioned it before so i just don't rewrite that gratitude again.


In a day there always a lot of stuff that we need to be grateful for. And i hope we will start to realize that.

Good night all.


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