Sunday, November 30, 2008

Forgive & Forget

Forgive and forget, let go and lighten your load. A grudge can be a heavy weight to bear.Here's are several tips i wanna share with you guys on How to forgive..Lets Check it out!!!

Think about what happened.

Acknowledge all of your feelins. There is often anger lurking behind any hurt or sadness you might feel

Express your feelings - write them out, talk to a friend or simply allow yourself to feel what you feel.

Accept responsibility for your own emotions. Although you were wronged and your emotions may be justified, it is still up to you to decide when you're ready to stop feeling angry or upset.

Talk to the other person about the behavior that upset you and how it made you feel. The odds are that you won't feel truly ready to forgive until you know this person has heard and understood your perspective.

Try to understand the other person's perspective, even if you don't really agree with it.

Rebuild trust in the relationship. Make agreements about acceptable future behavior whenever appropriate.

Make the decision to forgive, and communicate your forgiveness to the other person. Once you've done this, make every effort to move on and let it go completely.

Warning:Wait until you are truly ready to forgive. Respect your feelings and take all the time you need.

*Mission Incomplete...still..

"Forgiveness is God's invention for coming to terms with a world in which, despite their best intentions, people are unfair to each other and hurt each other deeply. He began by forgiving us. And he invites us all to forgive each other."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Weekend!!

Just a quick update on this bright Saturday:

  • i've got to attend my friend's wedding(happen to be my colleague) in Sungai Petani
  • and right after the wedding's over,i've got so many oher agenda which is i'll story about it later.

ok now i'm in a rush and really got to go.

Till later Folks!!

*Enjoy your Weekend and do live life to the fullest:)

Friday, November 28, 2008


After Friday Prayer,i feels like craving for McD Sundae Ice Cream..

They got a cool deal right here in McD-Only RM2 bucks for a cup of Sundae,instead of it's original Price-RM3++

The promotion will last till 7 December 2008,Hurry up and get yourself a cup of Sundae now..

Yet i still can't finish it because it's too sweeeeetttt for me....errggghhh..

Able to Grab 2 audio CD's at Artist Gallery in TESCO-so yesterday song but i just bought it for da sake of it's price..Boulevard of Broken Dream,Feel Good Inc,Lonely No more,Dirty little secret,speed of sounds,because of you,Photographs,Luxurious and so many more-Recognize all of this song's?? still sound's soothing to my ears,so why not?

*Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak...sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go...

It's FridaY MorninG,and i've been TAGged!!

I've been TAGged by RedSeptember a few hour's ago,and here it goes again--

1. Your name/username:
2. Left handed or right handed:
3. Favorite letter to write:
4. Least favorite letter to write:
5. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog":
6. Tag 6 people:

You Should try to do this kind of TAG because it's really least outsider people's would knoe your damn ugly handwriting ryte??haha..Thanks to RedSeptember for this Fun TAG:)

I choose to TAG only Three people,can arrr??:

-Kak Ita ibu kepada dua otomen

-Hana my 'Cousin' in Singapore

-Inah my Kak Lang In Adelaide

Happy Friday everyone!!and Have a good day to YOU!!

*is this could be the very beginning to the most Beatiful Relationship??Still lost and i really need the answer..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Beautiful Silence

Last night i've got another chance to meet my dear lovely BestFriend,Anies and we choose to had our dinner at Palace d India Restaurant-instead of The Ship(Restaurant ) since it's located much far away from this(in Batu Feringghi)..So Here we are at QueensBay Mall-This Restaurant happen to be inside the mall.

It's been a long time since i didn't met her-so many things happen and i have to admit that finally we gonna be just fine..we have to..or there's another option-we might as well be stranger-which is i will never ever go with that option.Enuff said.

When the waitress brought us a menu,we just dont have any idea what kind of food this Restaurant has to offer-of course ethnic food provided here,suit with it name,but if you asking me if i have any problem with the spicy food-well the answer is no-i do love Spicy food!!in fact,we both do..Sometimes Spicy food makes my appetide boosted.

Before we made up our mind on menu,this papedom could be the good starter for is served with the pudina Gravy--i'm not into Pudina so much,but still-i can take it..The tribe has spoken and finally the decision has been made.

This is Madras Coffee-anies choice-and she claimed this coffee is superb..i bet it is.

and just like typical me-i'm ordered Watemelon Juice instead of Hot beverages..

-Plain Briyani-

-Pudina Pratha-

Chicken Chetinad-yang ni memang marveles..sedap giler!!rasanya tak pedas sangat dan tak terlalu berempah-memang punya segala rasa dan highly reccomended by Chef kat sini..Kuah dia wat Cicah ngan roti Pratha tu memang pehhhhhh...

yang kat atas tu Aloo Jeera-Ubi kentang goreng ngan berbagai rempah-memang sedap sangat!!anies suka gila yang tu-dia pun yang order mender tuh..yang belah bawah tu Kanava Madras-nama nak gempak kan tapi tu Sotong Goreng tepung berempah jer...rasa memang sedap jugak..yang lain nyer sebab rempah yang di guna pakai kat sini sumer hand made..takder beli kat dealer lain..That what makes makanan kat restoran ni spesel..

Then kitorang pun makan lah apa yang patut..anies tak makan nasik-since dia dah hilang keinginan nak makan nasi-(padhal dia tengah on diet kot pasal tu dia tanak sentuh nasik)..aku je lah yang duk seronok makan nasik beriyani yang best tuh..Dia duk pulun makan Pudina Pratha..

We talked about a lot of things-basically just to catch-up every single thing that we've been missed since the last time we both met..nothing much changes-and everything's seem clear to me now..:)..Sometimes we have to confront each other just to know the truth..Honesty always work best.

Yang best nya kitorang duk kat tepi cermin kaca ni,nampak la segala aktiviti kat luar tuh trough meja ni-actually this restaurant located at 2nd floor of QB Mall..

Interior design sumer ok..i have no problem with that..not so many people though since it's already 10 pm..

*anies suka sangat kentang rempah tu....marveles!!

*kalau dah suka sila habiskan yek..i'm trying to habiskan nasik yang ada nih...

Overall we both agreed yang makanan kat sini sedap!!dan memang kitorang suka..len kali boleh datang cuba makanan lain pulak la yek..

sumer lauk licin tuh...kecuali nasik dan Sekeping lagi Pudina Pratha-tu pun sebab lauk dah habis kalau tak aku onn jer..hehe..makin bulat???bulat pun ok apa..hehe

Pinggan masing masing memang licin dan bersih...kenyang perut suka la hati..dah la lapar makanan sedap pulak..memang heaven..Thanks God for the rezeki yang tak putus..Alhamdulillah..

Palace D India ni ada cawangan lain Tanjung Tokong n Bangsar KL selain dari yang kat QB Mall nih..Try la datang korang mesti suka...nak nak yang suka makanan ethnik dan pedas serta berempah..Harga pun affordable..tak mencekik sangat..

Kesimpulannya we really had a great night..and the great night not so complete if you didn't watch the great Movie together..after the dinner kitorang pi tengok Wayang plak-Citer Twilight-Another love story between Human And Vampire..what a 'cool' movie..(i just couldn't find any other words to define this movie,perhaps 'cool' could be the strong word)will review about that movie on another entry..

Till later..

*The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you...and one more thing-you have to remember that The opposite of love isn't hate.. its indifference. If you hate someone you still care about that person..Just some thought to share..:)

Me,Myself & My Office..

Semalam terima Emel dari pihak bertanggungjawab kat tempat kerja:

Salam & Salam Sejahtera...,

Peringatan kepada tuan2 dan puan2, esok dan lusa (27 & 28 /11/2008) telah dikenalpasti bagi tujuan Audit 5S. Kerjasama dan usaha tuan puan bagi menjayakan perlaksanaan audit ini amat dihargai....

Sekian, terima kasih..



Nak kenal bilik opis tempat aku kerja tak??jom kita terjah sama-sama...layannnnnn....(maaf naa terpinjam TAGline Fara Fauzana dalam Rancangan MELODI..bukan milik peribadi kan..hehe)

ni pemandangan pertama yang korang akan nampak bila bukak jer bilik opis aku kat sini..This room is very small yet adequate enough untuk aku duk sorang sorang..buat apa bilik besar besar kan..susah nak jaga nanti.

dalam bilik aku yang serba kecik ni cuma ada dua almari yang bertindih ni jer-untuk kemaskinikan semua Dokumen dokumen penting..Banyak dokumen tuh nak kena helmet pun aku taruk kat almari ni jugak..boleh guna sebagai alternatif kalau helmet motorsikal kena curik..hehe..

Kat atas almari ni aku buh pokok kaktus yang aku beli kat Cameroon Highland Tahun lepas..sihat walafiat lagi pokok pokok tuh walaupun sekali haram jadah pun aku tak pernah siram..memang semangat depa nak hidup kuat gamaknya..buh pokok ni sebagai penyeri bilik..tak la nampak bosan sangat kalau ada tumbuhan..:)

dan di sebelah almari ni ada satu sudut bercermin kaca tempat aku rehat rehat nakcari ilham nak wat entri Blog...haha..boleh kaa macam tuh..tapi kerja aku tetap wat okeh..dah setel kerja baru aku berblog..:)..tak percaya??percayalah...

Biasanya kat tepi ni jugak lah aku brekpes sambil tengok bangunan kat luar..(motiff tengok banguanann??)..Kadang kadang ni pun bleh jadi tempat aku melelapkan mata jugak time lunch hour kalau aku rasa malas nak kuar..aku tak tidur time opis hour okeh..jangan syak wasangka yang bukan bukan..tak baik nanti kubur korang berasap plak..kehkehkeh

ni salah satu sudut lain yang dalam bilik ni..susah aku nak terangkan struktur bilik nan kecil ini tapi tak penting untuk korang taw kan..haha..jam yang tergantung kat dinding tuh bengong...selalu lambat sepuluh minit dari masa asal tu sebab aku selalu lambat masuk meeting..nasib GM tak pernah sound...

Korang nampak tak ada telefon tuh?aku tahu korang nampak kan..

telefon ni lah wat kol klien ataupun kontraktor kalau ada apa apa hal..tapi kebanyakannya macam dah termis-used ajer...haha..duk kol kawan kawan dan family pun kadang kadang pakai tepon ni bil tepon sendirik....boleh camtu??(mamposs la kalau boss aku baca blog nih..sure kena ban line tepon dalam bilik nih..hehe)

dan ni lah meja tempat aku hari hari merosakkan mata mengadap PC..dengan wat rutin report yang biasa..dan lain-lain tugasan..

atas meja ada Kalendar 2008,gambor konvo,stationary holder dan jugak opis tray.

tiap tiap hari aku duk tengok gambaq nih..sangat bermakna gambar ni-gambar family skali ngan mak ayah masa aku Konvo beberapa tahun dulu..semangat sikit nak wat kerja hari hari duk tengok gambar mak bapak sendirik..cuma berharap mereka di kampung sana sihat sihat sahaja..Insya Allah..

kat sebelah meja plak ada kerusi tetamu-tempat ni lah hari hari Enchek Salman duk datang nak melepak sama ada nak bersembang ataupun nak menghabiskan makanan makanan yang aku duk bawak hari hari..haha..tapi aku ngan dia tak berkira punya...sempoii aja kami nih..oh ya,selain dari tempat nak melepak ni jugak merupakan tempat yang di guna pakai oleh staff staff aku ketika hari penilaian prestasi(KPI) bermula..nak pujuk rayu segala tu sumer kat sini lah..:)..aku tak kasi can punya..yang bagus kita kasi,yang tak bagus tu paham paham la kan..

Yang pasti dua footballer figure ni tetap menjadi mata dan telinga aku kalau aku takdak kat bilik..diorang la duk report kat aku kalau berlaku sebarang non-conformity kat sini..:)..terlanjur bicara pasal Bola semalam Chelsea hanya mampu Seri dengan Bordeaux 1-1..takpa lah..still position pertama kan dalam Kumpulan A UEFA Champion League..:)

Si Podolski dan Lampard tu aku letak atas PC ni sebenarnya..Jatuh bangun aku sumer ada dalam PC ni..banyak maklumat penting wooo kat dalam..naya aku kalau sumer tu jatuh ke tangan orang yang tak bertanggung jawab..walaupun PC ni memang PC yang ketinggalan zaman,So far everything's went well..i'm happy to live my life in this Small little Office..:)

Sekian Terima Kasih..


Audit 5S ni kiranya macam nak audit kebersihan dan keceriaan sesebuah tempat kerja tuh..mementingkan kecepatan proses pengambilan data dan everything must be organize well and happen to be in its place..ini audit Ke-enam kot kat tempat kerja setakat nih..suka benor diorang nak mengaudit mender cenggini..tapi untuk kebaikan diri dan juga Syarikat-Why Not kan??

jadi para Auditor sekelian(which is my colleague jugak)silalah mai opis aku ni dan auditlah sepuas hati mu..aku baru jer lap sumer habuk dan sawang yang ada pagi tadik..haha..sila kasi markah penuh k..:)

*kisah malam tadi bakal menyusul kemudian yaa..makan malam kat Palace of India ngan tengok movie citer 'TWILIGHT'..layan gak laa....tunggu aku story nanti yaa...Insya Allah.


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