Saturday, March 1, 2014


I'm about to take the train from airport to Singapore city, just to realize my digital camera samsung nx-300 not with me.. I left the camera while filling up the form required at the immigration counter.
30 minutes just passed me by and in my mind, that's it.
I already lost my brand new camera.

But to give up and not try to ask is one stupid thing one might do. So I turn around, going back and checked at the airport information counter. Quite fortunate that they kept the camera. Thank you to them!!
Phewwww.. Alhamdulillah.

Lesson learned.
Never bring your camera without it case.

*This is my brand new camera NX300. Just bought it recently in January 2014 at Plaza Low Yat. Affordable price i might say. and i love how this camera can be linked with wifi to my samsung note 2. So i wont have any difficulties to snap photo from my note 2 anymore. Start from the day i bought this, i just sync my phone with this camera then boleh terus upload. how easy. D90?? yes. i still keep it. tak nak jual. sayang. because there is nomore D90 in the market. 

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