Friday, November 28, 2008

It's FridaY MorninG,and i've been TAGged!!

I've been TAGged by RedSeptember a few hour's ago,and here it goes again--

1. Your name/username:
2. Left handed or right handed:
3. Favorite letter to write:
4. Least favorite letter to write:
5. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog":
6. Tag 6 people:

You Should try to do this kind of TAG because it's really least outsider people's would knoe your damn ugly handwriting ryte??haha..Thanks to RedSeptember for this Fun TAG:)

I choose to TAG only Three people,can arrr??:

-Kak Ita ibu kepada dua otomen

-Hana my 'Cousin' in Singapore

-Inah my Kak Lang In Adelaide

Happy Friday everyone!!and Have a good day to YOU!!

*is this could be the very beginning to the most Beatiful Relationship??Still lost and i really need the answer..


eedany said...

yuhhhuuuu axim.

mestilah suka A. A for what? A for Anies lah, apa lagi bah?


Anonymous said...

hem scandal yg tak berkesudahan

ita.itu said...

kih.kih.kih..aku kena wat gak ke..kalo ngelat leh x? haha

Wahidah said...

cantik la signature axim...huhuhu...tulisan pun not bad what

Inah said...

dah siap!! malam ni org postkan :)

pearl'E.J said...

aiyoyooo... musim tag tak abis2 lagik...

NN said...

message just delivered..
am e last to know..

so, ths is how its all begin..

hope this could be e very beginning to e most beautiful relationship..i will always pray for ur hepiness.. InsyaAllah..

Anonymous said...

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