Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moved On-For REAL..

''Seriously Axim..i can't believe i just can get over him this fast..i thought it gonna be yearSSSSS...I dunno how to thanx people around me for this,but for the first place surely it's gotta be YOU..''

''I'm happy to see you happy..because you always deserve it..sometimes so many things in this world are unexplainable,and perhaps this could be one of them('',)..i'm glad to hear dat your past didn't haunt you back,and yeah-seriously i'm proud of's not that easy right..just Chill and moved on ok..Let's enjoy this beautiful world in front of us're going to be just fine..('',)Whatever does life takes you,juz bring all of joy and happiness might sounds so typical me,but just try it yaa,then you'll got exactly what i'm trying to say..('',)''


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