Sunday, November 23, 2008

Premier League: Chelsea 0 - 0 Newcastle United

Match reports

The Observer, Jamie Jackson:

"On an afternoon when fellow leaders Liverpool also drew, here was a large and unwanted dollop of frustration for Chelsea, whose display had Big Phil muttering right to the end, and their fans walking away with complaints that it had all been too casual."

Sunday Telegraph, Patrick Barclay:

"To avoid defeat in a Premier League match at Chelsea is no longer a startling achievement - Liverpool have won at Stamford Bridge this season and Tottenham, as well as Manchester United, drawn - but for Newcastle to head back north with only their third away point of the campaign may have a positive psychological effect, for all the negativity of their tactics here. We shall see; next weekend they are at Middlesbrough and maybe there they will try a shot at goal."

Sunday Times, Joe Lovejoy:

"Much has been made of the positive difference in Chelsea under Luiz Felipe Scolari, but one unwanted change is their home form. For four years, Stamford Bridge was the impregnable fortress around which so much success was constructed. Under Scolari they have dropped nine points at home already, which contrasts sharply with their 100% record away."

Independent on Sunday, Chris McGrath:

"[T]his startling scoreline can only be partly explained by [Chelsea's] own ineptitude in front of goal. Credit is also becoming due – overdue, perhaps – to the growing resilience of a team now beaten only twice in eight starts under Kinnear."

Official Chelsea FC Website:

"The first goalless draw at Stamford Bridge since February means home form continues to fall short of the Blues' perfect away record."

Game start pukul 11 malam tadi..
Drogba takder plak di saat The Blues memerlukan..

Terry dan Owen
dan perlawanan bermula..
half time still 0-0
Joe Cole ada buat satu Gol tapi Off side...(macam tak caya plak aku tu off-side..linesman tipu kot..whatever..)
dan berakhir dengan seri 0-0..

The good

  • at least tak kalah kan??
  • keseluruhannya Good performance,i think..
  • Ashley Cole,Joe Cole dan Micheal Ballack kembali semula..
  • Performance was pretty good; if someone hadn’t put Viagra on Shay Given’s cornflakes this morning, things might have been a little different.
  • The Blues managed to get through 90 minutes without anyone else getting injured.

The bad

  • sangat rugi sebab takder gol..kalau tak boleh selesa dengan kedudukan sekarang.
  • 9 points dah rugi kat tempat sendirik..ish..
  • keputusan pengadil mengenai offside untuk Joe Cole nyer Gol-...
  • dah dua perlawanan berturut turut Didier takder di saat The Blues memerlukan.

Man of the Match

Jose Bosingwa.

*The Blues still on the TOP of the league since Liverpool pun seri ngan Fulham semalam 0-0..aku tak paham naper Arsenal bleh kalah..makin merudum plak performance diorang..Man United pun seri jer tanpa jaringan..apa apa pun,Keep the Blue Flag flying high..:)


Inah said...

adeii..x reti le nak kumen psl bula..huhu :P

axim said...


hai inah..
how are you?
hope you doing fine..
have a great day ya..

Inah said...

ni awat skema sgt ni pa?? hahaha

hai pa

how r u?

hope u're doing fine too!! :P

have a great sunday :D

axim said...


saja nak skema sikit di hari ahad yang tak best ni:(

tak best sebab kena masuk ni duk kat opis..

A f f e n d i O s m a n said...

konsep amek gambo depan tv skang ni eh?

A f f e n d i O s m a n said...

lupe lak....tetibe rasa nak jadi partner gi TARA 4....


bozzobattousai said...

budak biru sama nasib ngan budak merah...

linn said...

nak suh komen pasal bola mmg tak reti laa. tp fuhh...sempat yea amik gambar sambil2 tgk bola. ni peminat mati keras sungguh ni. :p

Wahidah said...

suke suker....teruskan mcm ni yea chelsea..:P

Beruang Madu said...

oh yang tu ker ha ye yer yer yg ni ker... hmmm...

no komen!!!

Suka Bebel said...

liverpool n chelsea team paling rugi this weekend sebab sama2 boleh drag point different lebih jauh sbb MU seri, arsenal plak kena belasah.hehe

aku sebagai penyokong setia liverpool berharap ada rezeki this season.hehe

Faisal Admar said...

Seriously ko rasa Chelsea leh bawa balik cup ke? Haha home game draw? Agak-agak le. Cuba semak la Man Utd game for 2nd round. Banyak game home. Are you ready? Hahahaha!

Wahidah said...

Glory glory glory..huhuhhu

Nikli said...



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