Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pressure Gauge Failure

Just received a complaints about our sampling point this morning from my technician.The pH for HRSG1 is slightly low and there is something wrong with the pressure gauge.Confirmed with the instument section to send their man to counter check that pressure gauge.

*Dosing tank for ammonia and trisodium phosphate.
* 'i dont want my man to flirt with any degree of risk,so please wear the proper PPE'

Got a lot of work to do in plant,and the audit for ISO9001 is still on progress.Hope our station can achieve zero NCR.(This station acvhieved zero NCR since 2004)


Anonymous said...

wah! ada sesi2 pose kat WTP... tak ajak pun! :P

@xiM said...

axim to mamat1stfloor:

tak boleh ajak,nanti kena acid plak kat kamera tuh,hehe

Anonymous said...

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