Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 Running Summary

Total running events : 15 events
(2 Full Marathon, 5 Half Marathon, 2 Trail Run and the rest ranges from 10 - 17 km)
Total events mileage : 294 km
The sweetest moment : first time doing my runcation, at Singapore for 2xu compression run half marathon.(thanks fantastic four! We really had a great time in singapore)
The bad moment : worst timing for 42km in Penang Bridge International Marathon 6 hours 15 minutes but I had a lot of fun though. (Meet my angel there)
The good moment : finished 2xu compression run kuala Lumpur 15 km with average timing below 6 minutes/km (silly hilly all the way!)
The new experience: trail run in reebok challenge / petzl night trail run at taman cabaran putrajaya (make sure you wear the suitable trail shoes!)

Overall, it can be concluded that I'm really lack of training. Managed to join some LSD training but not quite enough. Busy with a commitments and so on. Sometimes lazy and having a hard time to keep myself consistent with training schedule. Excuses here and there, but still I try my best to squeezed whenever I can.

Nevertheless, I'm proud with myself. No pain no gain. To get a better timing, there is no shortcut to victory. Training, training and keep training - the most crucial key to success. Ain't no mountain high enough. I witnessed there are many of my friends that really committed and they achieved what they're aiming for. Congratulations to you guys! I salute and adore you. Yet here I am, still struggling with the same timing and sometimes it went worse than usual!

2014 - for a lot of runcation. Insya Allah going to do my first ultra marathon later. Will force myself to train more and adding more running mileage in a month. I thought this is gonna be the end of it. But unfortunately, this is just a new beginning. I'll take this as a challenges!

A lot more to come.

To all my running buddies (YKWYA), thanks for always support me no matter what. Thanks for all of the laughter and the pain that we shared together throughout this journey. Nobody said it was easy but we all know it's gonna worth the pain.

Keep running my friends, friendship never end!

Welcome 2014.

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