Sunday, December 7, 2014


Before this, after a marathon event i would always treat myself untuk makan banyak banyak dan makan apa saja sebab kononnya dah bakar kalori 3000++ by running 42km. Apparently that approach was wrong. And that's the reason why I'm not getting slimmer but it just increase the fat percentage in me.

Now i learn.

No matter how hard you workout, always look for a better choice of food. Food that has the nutritional value to our body. The calories of a pack french ries could be the same with ceaser salad with some dressing, but the different is on its nutritional value.

Seriously I'm hungry by now.

When you hungry, you tend to make unhealthy choice. So i can say it is a constant battle in me between the bad meal and good one. Luckily i chose to eat this - grilled chicken sandwich. The bread used is whole grain bread, layered with grain mustard, topped with grilled lean chicken meat. Side dish salad and olive with a little dressing. Sounds fascinating isn't it?

Am I satisfied with this meal? Yes i am! And don't forget to drink mineral water too. Water is important. This meal brought to you by The Loaf restaurant.

Life ia all about choice. And the choice you take and make define who you are today.

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