Monday, November 4, 2013


I cry.

When i read this. A facebook status. A sort of luahan hati from my eldest sister. soon after i get married. She wrote :

''We do a lot of thing together. We run together. We hike together. We raft together. With you, i did a lot of thing which i never thought i can. With u, i finish my first half marathon. We conquer mount of kinabalu. We beat kkb river. U believe in me when i myself dont. Feels like yesterday when u introduce me to her. & for the first time, when i see you so not yourself, x tentu arah, x keruan, that moment i know u met your love of your live. & i like her too. From that moment, i know, i have to share u. Sad? Of course. But, as long as she can make u happy, good enough 4 me. When she wait 4 u at the finishing line at PBIM 2012, i know i have to be ready to let u go. Jealous? Yup. (so silly ;b) but i know she love u too. She will be your eyes when u cant c, she will be ur ear when u cant hear, she will be ur everything that u want her to be. Deep inside my heart, i strongly believe that she is d right person to complete u. I feel relieve. Lydia Johar welcome 2 our beautiful fantastic big family. I wish you could have a chance to meet & to know our hero, our beloved father. But, Allah has His own plan. Selamat pengantin baru my baby brother, Azim Ashaary and his mrs right, Lydia Azim. I love u, both of u. I know, i will not loosing u completely. Only half of u. Mmmuah!

This is lovely. 

I never thought I would make you felt this way sis.deep inside my heart you will always be a wonderful sister to me no matter what. We still can run, hiking, water rafting and travel like we used to do together, with a bit changes because you already have a new lil sis I call my own..everything will change naturally, yeap it's true. But one that will never change - my love to you will always be the same. I can assured you that you not completely lost me. We are family..I'm here. Not going anywhere. and hopefully my beautiful wife will blend well with us. I know she will. So here I am telling you that I will always be there for you. You can count on me..

This I promise you.

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