Thursday, May 1, 2008

FamouS LasT WordS

'I'm not gonna leaving you,but you are constantly leaving me..'

'i don't mean that,it just like i'm giving up...i'm gave up when everything's seem so wrong between us..'

'and why is that so?do you think this is easy for us?'

'i never said it is easy or what,but until now i'm just wonder how do you feel about me actually..'

'i'm not gonna say anything because if i said something about that-it would be typical me,and the words is so lame and tacky..'

'maybe we're better off of this way'


and just like in a soap opera-the solution will never be find,and it will always hanging,hanging in a moment...waiting for the time to pass me by and clarify everythings that seem unclear for me.

Until that time come,i'll wait.i'll always wait.

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