Thursday, May 1, 2008

Me,Myself & I

When i'm alone at home,there's nothing much to think about what to do - sleep,eat,watching television,sleep,eat,watching television,bla bla bla....tonight i dont feel like i want to hang out with some friends,juz need some precious time for myself.Don't know what to do yet,all i know is i want to be alone.Trying to think so much about my own life...where am i and where will i be in next 5 or 10 years later...i just want to give it up totally to the fate.

Thinking too much would make you feel hungry so fast.since i'm not in da mood to get my ass out from this crib,i decided to do something to make me feel better..what would make you happier when you are not happy?yeah,you are right...just get some food to eat,but do remind this:i'm not emotional eater.

Looking in my ice box,and there are some chips,scallop,and beef salami - so here they are,after 10 minutes i get myself busy at da kitchen:

i dont know how to name it - maybe this is scallop beef salami with chips perhaps?haha..apa ada pada nama.

To make my night more interesting,after the main course here's the dessert- Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate topping---mmmm yummilicious..!!

*just can't wait for tonight match-Chelsea gonna meet Liverpool at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea's Home)..who's gonna win ticket to the final?i bet Chelsea will...


Lily.Lulu. said...

memang laa axim nih rajin .. lily kat umah pon suka buat eskrem design sendiri jugak


axim said...

lily.lulu-->nanti ajar aku wat design eskem terkini..haha


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