Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life Without BorderS

I went to the Queensbay Mall,again,last nite.Just need to walk around and free myself from so many problem and issues that stucked in my bloody head. Sometimes i feel like giving up but that's always not the way it is.

No rose without thorns-a phrase that always remind me back in high school,where my teachers always repeated it over and over again,untill now,what the hell that was mean?maybe i'm not that bright to find its definition but,who cares?

If i've given a second choice to make my life more easier,by all means-i'll do it.i'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.enough.that's not what i'm trying to tell about.there's nothing fancy about my problem,so let's just forget about that.

So here i am,at BorderS- famous book store with a tag line books,music,movies,cafe.its kinda relieved though to be in bookstores,the place where you can find yourself at the top of da world-informations came quickly to you without any barriers.

I spend my 2 hours precious time at this section itself,found so many inspired story and its motivated me a lot by sharing with some other peoples life.God intended us to going through a different path from others,for a reason.and it make myself look the world in a different perspectives of live.this is His the end of the day.we choosed our own destiny.

I ended up the tour in this bookstore with this recipe book..haha,it quite twisted with what i'm going through now but yeah,all i know now is i like this i bought it,without a doubt.and what it is related with me?i think cooking make me less tense @ more happier and this is what i'm going to do-challenge myself with the new recipe = new meals.

Attracted a lot with the illustrations in it, every meal is ready with brilliant presentation,and the preparation time also included,which means i'm so gonna learn more about the secret of cooking.

I wish i could.


MOLY said...

nanti masak sedap2 !!

@xiM said...

lily.lulu---->i wish i could...('',)insya Allah

ita.itu said...

rajin2 ye baca buku anak2..tu sek dulu mak suruh baca buku ponteng sek..skrg br sibuk nak bc..kah.kah.kah

fusarium solani said...

bolehlah azim masak sedap-sedap untuk anis nih!

@xiM said...

ita.itu--->dulu buku sekolah pasal ilmu hisab kak..skang pasal ilmu memasak...nak enhance laagi nih..haha..leh lawan akak nanti..

fusariumsolani--->masak untuk solani skali pun boleh...('',)


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