Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Blues VS The Reds

The match begin at 2.30 am in the morning.could make myself awake just to watched this important game between Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.With aggregate 1-1 ,this match gonna be so tight and interesting,because both of teams need to win this.

As a big fan of Chelsea,there's not much i'm expected from this team - just win this game and see you with the Man United at the finale.That's all.not that much right?

First half of the match showed that Chelsea controlled the game,eventhouh ball possesion is much more on Liverpool side.Didier Drogba opening the scoring with fine low strike from a tght angle on 33 minutes.That is so much pressure on Liverpool side till then,but on the first half luck is on Chelsea team..(yaaayy...)

When the second half begin,i'm started to worried about Chelsea's ability,because there are too many ball passes around.Liverpool has raised up and finally,Fernando Torres make the result even by scoring on 64 this second half,the game is a bit slow...until the end of the game.30 minutes extra times given after that.

It just make me smile a lot when Chelse's team got a penalty at 97 minutes later,and Frank Lampard just finished it beatifully- emotional moments,if we can called it like that..but again,i'm not under estimated the Liverpool team because in this game,anything is possible.The second scoring by Didier Drogba on 105 minutes makes me think that this is it,Chelsea is so gonna win this game..haha

But situations become more interesting when Ryan Babel(substitute player) just make a nice scoring on 117 minutes later...see,i told you,anything is possible..but times left not give the Reds so much chances to make the result even again.

Chelsea won the game 3-2 against Liverpool,with aggregate 4-3 - enough to make this team fly to Moscow for a final (22 may 2008)

*Overall,i think Chelse deserved to won this match,but Liverpool did play well and did a good job too,but not that much as Chelsea Player..('',)


LannY said...

Liverpool..Liverpool...he he rajin je ko bangun...aku membuta dah masa tu..tau tau kalah...then pagi kemudian aku pegi Taman Negara

axim said...

lanny--->bola nyer pasal...


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