Thursday, May 8, 2008

MorninG RelaXatioN

Sam's Company did arrange one therapy relaxation for Petronas Carigali empolyee's this morning.This is due to the personal Health management programmme that they have been followed for the past two days.

*come and join me..
*okay everybody..take a deep
*so shallow la...even i walk around pun boleh..
*Warming down session.
*where am i?

Unintentionally to make this entry since i'm not around.where am i?i'm still in the bed maa,tidor lagi..hahaha..just waiting Sam's call to join the breakfeast session..winkwink..


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

macam tengah belajar berenang jer.. kenapa ada pelampung segala tu... memang belajar berenang kan?? pepagi dah ker kolam renang .... erghhhhhh sejuk oooo!!!

axim said...

abang bear-->tu bukan belajar berenang tu bang,tu sessi relaxation theraphy untuk employee yang dah berumur..hehe,duk dalam air pagi2 memang sejuk..tapi dah jadual teraphy cam tuh...


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