Friday, May 16, 2008

HemodialisiS TreatmenT

Today is the day,for the first time daddy gonna undergo hemodialisis treatment,still at urology and nefrology unit.Doctor said that this treatment wont hurt him,but after the treatment daddy will got so freaking tired.

*They say that you are not allowed to entertain patients while treatment is in progress,but,who cares?

This is the machine that replace true function of our kidney.At the right side you can clearly see such a filter thing (kinda same like water filter at your home)-whereas that filter is being used to filter the poisoning blood and give way to the clean blood back to my dad's body.

*dad did say that this process make him a lil bit dizzy and pumpy..

*its not hurt but i'm pretty sure he will got so bored because the process is running up to the four hours.

Here is Dr.Ghazali,the chief officer of Nefrology unit at HKL..Right now he's briefed my dad about what do's and dont in term of nutrition.

Its hard to see the person that you love the most with the tube inside and outside all over his body..i wish that daddy will never ever have to goes this moment-but we have no's already written,in the name of fate..

What's left on us then?only doa's and hope....Hopefully the treatment went well,and things gonna be smooth and steady..Insya Allah.

*i knew when the time has come..but there's nothing much i can do about it..

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