Thursday, May 8, 2008


After lunch time we both check-out from the hotel,and thanks for da nice and comfy accomodation,at least we know that we enjoy staying here.

From Seremban the journey continued to Shah Alam,Sam need to pickup his so-called wife wannabe,Angah -and our next destination is to rock Berjaya Time Square.

When we linger around this shopping complex,we just found the Neway Karaoke Box and since there's no other plan mentioned before so we decide to sing a couple of song inside this karaoke box.It's been a long time since we didn't have this fun moment again,(the last time is back then time in University).

This karaoke box located on fourth floor at Berjaya Time Square,and it does cost us RM14++ per head for 3 hours.and thats include some peanuts and 2 choices of hot/cold beverages each person.

*looks like somebody just can't wait to sing..haha
*the environment inside is nice yet comfortable..

*macam nak tercabut anak tekak jer tuh tarik suara..haha
*so blurry...angah,what did i say to you about not moving while taking pictures in night mode scene..hehe

Actually my brother are in KL,and he stayed at J.W Marriot Hotel.I need to see him before i get back to Penang.There are couple of important letters from my home town that he need to passed to me.

Since Pavillion is near that hotel,he told me to meet him up at Pavillion.Clearly we must head of to Pavillion after this.

*The choice of song at Neway karaoke Box is updated and the sound system is very good.enuff reason to makes me come again later.


Anonymous said...

a couple of song ke zim....hehe...slagi bole je aku tgk hari tu.nasib baik jumpe karaoke box ni.kalo tak...kete sam je la tmpat karaoke nye...hehe..

Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

bestnya karakoe tapi paling best tempat abang pernah pegi is kat pavilion tu lah... makanan dia pun sedap sedap tau...

@xiM said...

angah--->tak leh la nak cakap nyanyi banyak2...da tau suara tak sedap..haha...tu la,sib baik lepas kan jugak gian nak karaoke tuh...kalau yak putih mata la aku balik penang malam tuh..tq frens...

abg bear--->ooooo ye ker..kat pavillion tuh mahal tak bang?kalau affordable nanti nak try jugak la kat pavillion tuh..

dunhill@*london-paris-new york* said...

patut ler terror!! selalu layan karaoke!! terror gak papa nyanyi!! hehehehe.. :)


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