Thursday, May 1, 2008

Farewell LuncH

So today's event goes as what we've planned yesterday- Farewell lunch for my Senior Manager 1 pm o'clock sharp,we've already been here for that purposes.

*it is nice when they had this cozy-aircond room
*in the middle-GM,and at the right side is SM (The one that will say goodbye)

Since my camera is breakdown,i've no choice accept using the camera handphone-which explain why thus picture above is so blurry.Everybody busy with the meals so i make myself busy too...didn't have much time to snap the pictures LOL.
Good luck Mr.Abas Yasin at new place,and hopefully yoo gonna enjoy that place as much as u enjoyed yourself here.(he said so,not me)

*famous last word - good luck to all of you guys..!!(Mr.Abas Yasin)

What a relieved..the farewell lunch party went well,and everybodies seem so happy with the food,and i think the torch gonna be passed after this event.

*how we handle the problem when it occured is more important than to argued why that problem must happen without trying to find the best solution.


Lily.Lulu. said...

ikan bakar ?? uwaaaaaaa .. kempunan ari tuh masa nak gi ikan bakar kena tunggu lama sebab lambat masak ..

jadinya makan sotong bakar ..

axim said...

lily.lulu--->sotong bakar?waaaaa sedap tuh...lagi sedap dari ikan bakar...


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