Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Ending For ManUnited

I'm just finished watching the very last match for this season Barclays Premier League 2007/2008..and as what so many people predicted,yeah-ManUnited become the Champions for this EPL season.Congratulations to ManUnited Footbal Club and all of the team Fan.

Actually there are two important games tonight-ManUnited vs Wigan Athletic,and the another match that i really want to see-Chelsea VS Bolton Wanderers.The match happen to be on the same time(10 pm Malaysia Hours),so i went to the nearest Mamak stall to watch both games.and i couldn't resist to feel dissappointed with Chelsea's performance tonight.(should i say that i'm die hard fan of Chelsea?..haha).

For the first half,the magnificient defend of Chelsea John Terry(my favourite player of Chelsea) is got injured,and the games onwards become chaos when there are so many chances for Bolton to attacked since then.But after second half,at minutes 83' Sevchenko did make a good job for giving 1 goal to Chlesea and i'm started to feel that Chelsea gonna win this match,but still i have a doubt when Bolton team did so many counter attacked.As a result,Bolton did make the result even by scoring 1 goal at added minutes(92').What the heck..

Let's talk about ManUnited against wigan the game started,the ManUnited performance already on top,making it easy for their striker to attacked and do so many trial as they can.But Kirkland (Wigan Goalkeepers) decline the ManUnited trial.Credit for him.But at minutes 31'(if i'm not mistaken) ManUnited teams got the penalty and as usual,the beautiful finishing by ManU Top Scorer Christiana Ronaldo make this team lead the second half,Ferguson did a good job when he substitute Park Ji Sun with Ryan Giggs,as the result Giggs scored at minutes 83' thus make this team win the match.Well done.

Overall,i think ManUnited well deserved to won this game-and be the champion for the Barclays Premier League for 2007/08.Chelsea's performance tonight is under expectation and i think they should do something for the final of UEFA champions League on this 22 May(the final battle-ManUnited against Chelsea).For the full result of this season EPL,please click here.and for some great news,please click here.Below are some picture taken from this based on tonight match.

The pictures above are clearly showed how happy they are after become champion for another season of EPL,again.Congratulations.

*oh my god,its already 1.30 am in the morning..i should get some sleep..because tomorrow is a monday doomsday,(kerja maaaaa..)no,not tomorrow..its already monday...huhu..i hate monday.Seriously.


Anonymous said...

aku pi tgk game ni dgn sam..kat hakim la..meriah giler dgn peminat MU..hehe..

arsaili said...

monday doomsday..yeah u r rite


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