Monday, May 12, 2008

DirecT TranslatioN

I'm listen to the radio this morning- where phat pheeb and Ben always there to cheers me up.Interesting topic that they have been discussing,all about the movie translation,from english to bahasa.Have you ever seen the movie with malay subtittles below it?i believes so many people familiar with some direct translation,such as:
  • heavy rain-hujan berat
  • please be patient-tolonglah jadi pesakit
  • you're rock,baby-awak batu,bayi
  • that's cool-sejuknya
  • my naked eye-mataku telanjang
  • and so many more..

and then they played some translation game with the caller,where the caller have to translate the movie tittle to bahasa.Here's the game begin:

Phat Pheeb:translate 'monster in law'

Caller 1:i know i know-'gergasi dalam undang-undang'

(hahahahahaha) followed by second caller,

Ben:Translate 'revenge of the middle aged women'

Caller 2:so easy man-'pembalasan pompuan menopause'

(hahahaha,so funny..hahaha)

Before things got more interesting,i've already arrived at the office and i need to rush to Punch-in before my punch Card got dirt with red in colour.

*i know there are so many works waiting for me since i'm been gone for the whole last week.


LeannY said...

lol...funny translation...

NN said...



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