Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anger ManagemenT

'Why you did'nt call me yesterday if you really on a medical leave?' i ask him.

' handphone is out of credit,and sometimes this phone cannot catched the line its hard for me to call you to tell..' he replied,and as usual full with an excuses.

'Why you always do this type of thing?i mean why you have to came out with the nonsense reason?you think i'm stupid or what? i do replied,but in more serious way.

'Nope...i didn't make an excuses laa..this is true and i'm not gonna lie to u...' once again he trying to convinced me that he did'nt do anything wrong.

I just walked away.

Too tired to play the same game anymore.

But for this time, i dont give a damn chance to him..he is too much already, action must be taken,to proove to him that we dont take comedy seriously.

This is not the first time.

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