Monday, March 3, 2008

New Addiction

I think i'm addicted.

I mean,i'm addicted to medical drama TV series.And it is called 'Grey's Anatomy' which is right now on the season 3.At glance Greys anatomy is all about the first-year surgical interns take on life, love and heartbreak while preparing to become surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Grey's anatomy is not you typical medical drama.The relationships between the characters may be intense at times, but what i feel makes this show intriguing is the realism.I have watched scenes and really like the way they que up the plot,to adapt with the situations.Most importantly the show realistically shows all of the obstacles and problem that these interns must go through in order to be successful,not only in the operating room,but in life as well.

The conflict,the fling,all of the cheat and try to get back together,and most importantly how they save a life..personally,by watching this show i'm really understand more and more about what's life is all about.All of the character are lovely,sumtimes they are mean,rude or bad but still,in the name of human they always got what God intended human to have-feelings.And that's what make this show is really beautiful.

I think this new addiction will lead me to be a better least...

I hope so.

*i realy love the character of Dr.Miranda Bailey..she is very keen,but deep inside she is very soft-hearted.
**Damn it..!i just dont want to wait this season 3 end by watching at Star Worl Channel every thursday nite(10 pm).I need to find and buy the DVD of this drama series,as soon as possible..

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